Planty Covers Keep Nosy Cats Out Of Planters

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Does your cat fancy himself to have a “green paw,” digging up planters and making a dirty mess? Keep him out of your plant pots with colorful Planty Covers.

While I love my cats dearly my penchant for gardening – both in and outdoors – has me hankering for some greenery that a) isn’t plastic, b) survives longer than three weeks and c) doesn’t have to be perched out of sight atop a bookcase.

Yes, my furry four have a distinct talent for “re-potting” anything that falls within their circle of influence – floor, tabletop or shelf under six feet in height – and neither bark chips nor Spanish moss have deterred their inherent urge to purge my planters.

While I know I’m not alone in my cry to “give peat a chance” I was thankful to read that Italian innovators Spazio Geco – Fab Lab actually took on the challenge to educate our furrowing felines by developing a vibrant fabric sheath called a Planty Cover. The simple yet stylish drawstring sack snugly encases your planter, draws close around stems and stalks and effectively prevents your felines from accessing the soil.

Like me, you’re probably wondering what’s to prevent a fully-clawed feline from shredding this shroud and piddling in your philodendron. Am I right? Well the solution comes in the form of a small IOT device that forms part of the Planty Cover and emits ultrasounds prior to your kitty coming into contact. The intent is that the silent-to-us yet unnerving-to-puss sounds will deter your pet and ultimately condition her against future destructive digging.

The Italian designed cover comes in 12 fashion forward colors as well as sizes that range from small to extra-extra large so can be used on everything from a mini window planter to a full sized palm plant.

If you’re intrigued, you’ll be excited to learn that Spazio Geco – Fab Lab has just launched their Kickstarter campaign to get the Planty Cover production up, running and available internationally. Prices start at €25 (that’s about $26 USD), depending on the size of your planter.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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