PyroPet Candles Burn Down Reveal A Cat’s Split Personality

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Cats make the rules, and decide when (and if) they’ll be cuddly or give you a look that cuts like a knife. A unique candle from PyroPet Candles was designed to show of this duality of our feline friends (and other animals as well) with a surprise skeleton that literally comes out of the burning candle!

Icelandic designer Thorunn Arnadottir was studying Design Products at the Royal College of London in 2011. There, she exhibited a collection of cat candles that were, at the time, called ‘The Devil’s Pet’ in Milan and in London. Arnadottir said that the idea for her exhibit came to her when she thought about how people used candles.

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She’d been watching a rounded Santa Claus candle slowly melt into a puddle of wax and she wondered if she could take the macabre ritual of melting creatures up a notch by embedding a metal skeleton inside each candle…showing a very different side of the creature as a sinister, lurking form ready to pounce when revealed as the wax finished melting.

And what creature better embodies sweet on the outside but sadistic on the inside than the cat? Often happily purring and rubbing a human in delight, a cat will quickly turn on a dime and take a chunk out of your hand should you breathe wrong. Anrnadottir thought that a cat was a perfect creature to show a dark-side skeleton and she created ‘Kisa,’ the beta PyroPet who slowly reveals a moody feline skeleton from the melting of an adorable kitteh candle.

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The exhibits garnered a lot of interest in these unique candles, and Arnadottir teamed up with entrepreneur Dan Koval and started a Kickstarter campaign to produce the Kisa more widely. They reached their full funding goal in only four days, and officially founded PyroPet, focusing on Kisa the Cat (though other animals are featured and more will come to the collection in early 2017).

So, if you want to get yourself a candle that epitomizes the true nature of a cat–as fickle as he or she wants to be, head over to PyroPet–you’re sure to find that (and other unique animal designs) that will set the night on fire!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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