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Lori Ennis

Dutch Propose Bans Of Flat-Faced and Folded Ear Breed Dogs and Cats

Some officials in the Netherlands are working to ban breeds of cats and dogs with flat faces or folded ears, as they are concerned about the suffering of the animals due to complications from those features.

Pawesome Valentine’s Day Dog Gifts That Let You Share The Love!

Love is in the air! Then again, isn’t love always in the air when your furbaby is around? We know it is, so we thought we’d find some fun and pawesome gift ideas that will make Valentine’s Day with your pet even better.

American Kennel Club Shares Most Popular Dog Names of 2022

Canine PTSD: What You Need To Know About PTSD In Rescue Dogs

You’re likely familiar with what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is and what it may look like in humans. But did you know that up to nearly a fifth of rescue dogs are also affected by canine PTSD? Research out of the Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine suggests that more dogs suffer from it than we know, and understanding what symptoms look like can help dogs and their families live happier lives.

Pets Wanted: PetSmart Hiring Furry Chief Toy Testers

Was your dog or cat born to play? Are they interested in being in-fur-encers for PetSmart? It turns out they can, as PetSmart is looking for one special dog and one special cat to become their Chief Toy Testers.

A Dog’s Tail Serves More For Communication Than Physical Function

Oh, those waggy tails. We just can’t get enough of wiggle butts, and new research suggests that a dog’s tail may be more of a communication tool and less of a balance builder.

Study Proposes Smartest Dog Breed And You May Be Surprised

Dogs are smart, that’s for sure. But some breeds are thought to be more intelligent than others. While many might put Border Collies, Poodles or German Shepherds at the head of the smarty-pants list, a new study finds the Belgian Malinois to be the top dog.

How To Get Snowballs Out Of Your Dog's Fur

Ruh-roh. It’s all fun and games in the snow until your best fur friend ends up with snowballs all over their fur. Not only can this be annoying for you as you end up with soggy floors, it can be just as annoying (and even painful) for your dog. No worries; if your pup’s fur is bested by Old Man Winter, there are several things you can do to get snowballs out of dog fur. Here are some of our favorites, tried and true.

Study Says Dogs Can Detect Stress In Their People

They say the nose knows, and it’s definitely true for dogs. One recent study suggests that dogs can smell even more than we think, including stress.

Survey Suggests People With Pets Happier Since the Pandemic

As the pandemic has brought pet parenthood to an all-time high, a recent survey from Pets Best Insurances Services suggests that having a pet makes over 80% of pet parents happier.

Research Suggests Lifespan In Dogs Varies By Breed

The saddest thing about dogs is when they leave us. We never have enough time with them, and it seems like the average lifespan of our furry best friends gets shorter and shorter. A recent study found that the average lifespan may be intricately connected to breed type.

Research Says Petting Dogs Is Good For Our Brain

Not that we needed any scientific proof, but there’s new research that shows petting a dog positively impacts our brains.