Best New Year’s Eve Pet Outfits

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria

It’s time to get all dressed up and find someplace to go! These designer duds are way too good for the dog park.

Editor’s Choice: Kosiyi Dog Holiday Dress

This red velvet and sequin design screams New Year’s Eve glitz and glam – and your little princess will look stunning strutting her stuff in this holiday dress. Made with soft, comfy materials, the dress features a large bow on the back and will keep your precious pooch toasty as it retains warmth well, despite not being too thick or fuzzy. It is easy to put on and can be used with a harness or a collar – there’s plenty of wiggle room for both options. This New Year’s Eve dress for dogs comes in extra small, small, medium, or large sizes, but they all suit only toy and small breed dogs.

Runner Up: KYEESE Dog Sweater Dress

If classy is more your pooch’s style than flashy, then this elegant sweater dress will be the perfect choice for their New Year’s Eve attire. Combining stylish cable knit on the upper part of the dress with a plaid skirt, all enhanced with a subtle matching bow with a small heart-shaped crystal in the middle, this outfit really is the epitome of class. You can pick between 6 color combinations, from the traditional white knit with red and green plaid, to a more modern twist such as an all-pink palette. What’s more, there are 7 sizes ranging from XS to 3XL, which will suit dogs from 2.5 all the way up to 65 pounds.

Customer’s Choice: Fitwarm Holiday Theme Dog Dress

Holiday outfits are all about fun and glamor – you want your four-legged bestie looking their best when they arrive at the holiday party! Even if you’re celebrating at home alone, dressing your dog up in a New Year’s Eve outfit certainly makes for cute pictures, so a dress such as this one is always a good choice, party to attend or not. In addition to the “happy pawlidays” print on the back of the dress, the plaid bow and skirt with gold trim and white snowflakes are a dead giveaway that this getup is designed for Christmas and New Year’s Eve festivities specifically – and will make your pet stand up wherever they go! It comes in 6 sizes and will suit most small and medium size breeds.

Best Sweater: Kuoser Dog Sweater

You don’t have to put on a fancy dress to be ready to wow everybody at a holiday gathering – not when you’re cute as your pooch is. This cozy, stylish sweater is an excellent option for dapper dandies that prefer a more classy look and can’t be bothered with sequins, sparkles, and tulle – their fashion style is more “old world” than that. Made from premium acrylic yarn, this sweater is soft, stretchy, and easy to care for, and its distinctive red and green plaid print will make your pet match the festive decor around them. The sweater is available in 3 color combinations and sizes extra small through to extra large – but they all suit smaller dogs up to 15 pounds of weight.

Best Bandana: Tees & Tails Happy New Year Bandana

OK, not all dogs are up for dressing up – some actually get stressed out if you try and put on an outfit on them. In these cases, full-on dresses, sweaters, and other holiday outfits are out of the question, but you can still accessorize your pet to look the part without causing them discomfort or anxiety. This New Year’s Eve-inspired bandana features a bold gold print of the holiday greeting and a pair of clinking champagne glasses in the same color – there’s no mistaking the holiday spirit, even without a full outfit on. And the best part is that this bandana is a one-size-fits-all design, so you don’t have to worry about your pet not finding a size true to his body shape and weight.

Best Fancy: Dog Tuxedo and Bandana Set

Did your pet get invited to a black-tie New Year’s Eve event? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress them up like they were and snap some adorable Instagram-worthy pics in the process and make silly holiday memories you will cherish forever. And yes, while there are tons of frilly, fancy dresses for four-legged ladies, the choice is not as generous for their male counterparts – and a classic tuxedo is probably the most stylish New Year’s outfit you’ll be able to dig up for your fancy fella. This particular design includes a formal tuxedo with a bow tie, which can be worn separately or together and comes in sizes small to extra-extra large, which suit most medium and large dog breeds.

Best for Chinese New Year Celebration: Sanwuta Dog Chinese New Year Outfit

Chinese New Year celebrations mark the beginning of the new year in style – who wouldn't want to include their four-legged bestie in the process? Well, with this traditional style-inspired outfit, you can! The vibrant red color of the outfit aligns with the Chinese belief that wearing red on New Year’s Eve wards off evil spirits and brings prosperity, and the bright gold traditional Chinese dragon embroidery only adds to the festive appeal of the design. It consists of a jacket with velcro closing that’s made from silky brocade outside and flannel velvet lining so it’s soft, warm, and comfy, and a plush matching scarf to keep your pet stylish and toasty in the cold weather. Unfortunately, though, this unique outfit comes only in one size that suits a small breed dog.

Best for Cold Weather: Holiday Pawsitive Pajamas

If you live in an area where winters are harsh and the weather gets very cold around holidays, tulle dresses and fancy bandanas are probably not an outfit option for your pet – you want something that will actually keep them warm and snug as a bud when the temperatures drop. Like this holiday-inspired PJ for dogs! It features the recognizable red and plaid combo with an iron-on glitter print on the back saying “pawsitive wishes and a happy new year” to get your pet in the holiday mood without making them cold. With a turtleneck for added warmth, and full leg coverage, this onesie will keep your pet adequately protected from the chill, and the faux wool material will retain their body heat well. The PJs come in sizes extra small through to extra large and fit small to medium breeds.

Best for Small Dogs: Petitebella Reindeer Face Puppy Dog Dress

If you want your petite pooch to stand out in the crowd, this dress will certainly help do it – the combination of bright, bold colors, satin, bows, and tule is definitely a show-stopper. The dress features a cute reindeer applique on the back to convey the festive spirit of the outfit, but is not limited to one or two color combinations – you can pick between 11 designs. Whether you want red and white polka dots, an all-gold combination, a Santa print, or even LED lights embedded in the skirt, you’ve got it. Your tiny fashionista will look the part! This funky festive dress is available in 7 sizes, so it will fit your small breed dog no matter their body shape.

Best for Large Dogs: Frisco Kiss Me At Midnight Dog Dress

It can be a hassle finding a dress that suits a big dog and is as frilly and silly as those they make for lap dogs. Hey, no judgment, please – holidays are the perfect time to dress your pet up and if that means tulle, glitter, or metallic colors, then go for it. This holiday-themed dress is the perfect balance between stylish and flashy, as it’s all black with subtle gold details in the form of a “kiss me at midnight” gold print on the back and gold polka dots on the skirt. Your pooch will look amazing whether you’re going to a party or chilling at home! The sizing of the dress is very inclusive, too, so you can expect it to fit dogs up to 85 pounds (and smaller, of course).

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