Emmylou Harris Stands Up For Shelter Dogs in Best Friends Animal Society’s Campaign

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A 13-time Grammy winner, Billboard Century Award recipient, Country Music Hall of Fame inductee and an incredible artist with a career that spans over four decades. Any of these achievements is more than enough to earn Emmylou Harris an admiring media coverage, but today, it’s her love for dogs that put her in the spotlight.

The country singer and songwriter’s affection for four-legged babies is no secret: Harris founded a dog rescue way back in 2004, called Bonaparte’s Retreat, in honor of her late pooch. Bonaparte was a gorgeous Poodle-mix who accompanied the singer everywhere she went- for ten years; he was her most faithful companion on the road. After his sudden death, Harris opened her heart to the idea of fostering pups in need, particularly those considered “ordinary” and “unwanted”, who ended up in local kill shelters. For her efforts in helping homeless pets get a second chance at life, a decade after her rescue opened its doors, Emmylou Harris was honored with an award by Best Friends Animal Society.

Now, she’s a part of a campaign by the same animal welfare society, which has the goal to raise awareness about homeless pets and encourage people to consider adopting their four-legged best friends, rather than buying them. Posing for the camera with her two rescue pooches, Emmylou Harris proudly states- “I Saved My Best Friend”, joining the string of celebrities and public figures who hope to inspire people with their personal stories about pets they’ve rescued.

With approximately 6.5 million pets entering shelters across the United States each year, it’s essential to do anything in our power to bring the public’s attention to this burning issue. Hopefully, giving voice to our furry friends and educating people about animal welfare can help create a better future for animals wherever. To support this campaign or find out how you can help the cause, visit Best Friends Animal Society’s website.