Global Pet Expo 2017: Cuddle Clone Slippers Lets You Be A Copy Cat (Or

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
How annoying is it when you can’t find your slipper because the dog has taken it? What if that slipper looked just like him? Cuddle Clones Slippers gives you the chance to find out!

Here at the Global Pet Expo 2017, there are some pretty fascinating things to see. I think one of my new favorites (and obvious Christmas gifts for every pet lover I know!) are the Cuddle Clones slippers–made to look just like your pet!

Cuddle Clones was founded in 2009, when Jennifer Williams’s beloved Great Dane Rufus passed away. Jennifer had always thought a plush version of her sweet boy to love on would be sweet, and she felt that even more so when he passed. Cuddle Clones turned into a company that not only gives pet lovers plush gifts of their beloved pets, but one that donates proceeds to pet-related charities and animal causes.

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Cuddle Clones not only makes plush animals but other custom pet gifts like ornaments, sandstone figurines and even granite and bass-wood memorials for those who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Cuddle Clones plush animals were such a huge hit with pet fans everywhere, they decided to venture into the world of slippers that look like your pet.

The slippers, which retail for $199, are customized once you give some basic but custom information about your pet and upload some pictures. Through their easy ordering process, you can give any special instructions you might have to make sure that your feet not only look fur-fabulous, but feel fabulous too!

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Cuddle Clones also offers gift cards, so imagine what a hit your gift will be when you give a customized version of someone’s treasured family member!

Best part? These puppies don’t need to go out at three in the morning…unless you want them to, and then, you’re on your own!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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