Global Pet Expo 2017: Waterpik Goes to the Dogs with New Pet Wand PRO

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We’ve seen a lot of cool stuff at Global Pet Expo 2017 – North America’s largest pet trade show. More than 1,000 companies from around the world showcase the latest and greatest products available for all types of pets including dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, small animals, and horses. Anything you could ever want for your pet, it’s all right here – including a slew of new grooming products.

You may not have known that Waterpik, the people behind the famous water flossers, are also pros at shower heads. And Waterpik is entering the pet care market with its latest product offering, the Pet Wand PRO. It will change the way pet parents think about bath time for good by creating an easier bathing experience – and it all fits in the palm of your hand.

Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, the Pet Wand PRO provides a less hectic, more controlled bathing experience for pets – and their owners. The contoured wand’s shape creates a new high pressure WaterComb Spray to penetrate thick of fur and also avoids overspray. As well, the water spray can be controlled in more ways than one using the EasySelect dial. Switch from the high pressure setting to a narrow spray for gentle cleaning of sensitive areas and hard to reach spots by dialing counter clockwise, or click into pause mode to stop the water flow for hands-free bathing.

The Pet Wand PRO also features a diverter that attaches to existing showerheads that allows the water flow to be switched back and forth, an adapter and swivel hose that can be attached to garden hoses for outdoor bathing, and a suction cup hook to apply to the shower wall for hands-free bathing.

You can get your own Pet Wand PRO – it’s available for $49.99, with additional models coming this summer.