Scientists Patent Revolutionary Weight-Loss Pet Food

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic
Overweight pets could be a thing of the past with innovative metabolism-boosting kibble that hopes to eradicate obesity in our four-legged companions.

Pet obesity is a serious issue that’s been shortening life spans of both cats and dogs and damaging their quality of life along the way. Many chronic illnesses are a direct result of pets being overweight, to that measure that even some insurers are refusing payouts for pets deemed to be too fat. Experts are now warning that obesity is becoming an epidemic, with more and more pets struggling with excess weight each year. Needless to say, this worrying trend has got everyone looking for a sustainable solution for better health in pets, and a new scientific patent sparks hope.

LSU Pennington Biomedical has recently patented a technology that would let your pet eat the same amount of food they usually eat but with one drastic difference- they wouldn’t be gaining weight. I mean, it sounds like a dream- eating all you want but not worrying about weight- but it’s actually backed by science rather than wishful thinking. Dr. Frank Greenway, one of the lead scientists in the team, explains that the key is regulation of a certain amino acid in food kicks in calorie burning effect in pets. In his words, “low values of methionine stimulate a hormone called FGF21 and that hormone increases… metabolism.“ The food is reported not to lose any flavor or yumminess to deliver the metabolism-boosting quality, so it should be a win-win combination for all parties. After all, what good would it do if your chubby pooch would turn his nose up at the new weight loss food?

The Slim Health pet food, as the revolutionary chow will be called, is not yet widely available to the public, but its creators hope it won’t be long before it hits the shelves. And with latest surveys indicating that pet obesity is on the rise this year, too, one thing’s for certain- it can’t come quick enough!

Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic

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