Half of Americans Believe Pets Steal the Spotlight During Holidays

Nevena Nacic
by Nevena Nacic
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A survey revealed that nearly half of Americans (43%) think their loved ones are more excited to see their pets on the holidays than they are to see them. 

This survey involved 2,000 cat and dog owners and was conducted by One Poll on behalf of Nulo. According to results, 32% of surveyed owners admit they are more delighted to see a friend’s or family member’s pet than they are to see them. 

Surprisingly, 20% of dog owners think their pets love the holiday season more than they do.

What’s not so surprising, is that almost half of respondents (48%) do something special for their pet during the happiest time of year. This includes buying custom ornaments or decorations (64%), dressing their pets in holiday clothing or pajamas (60%), getting their pet their own Christmas tree (49%), and stocking (47%).

Half of pet owners like to give their four-legged companions extra treats during the holiday season, and 45% admit they dole out more treats to their pets at Christmas than during any other time of the year. 

In addition to extra treats, more than two-thirds of pets are likely to be treated with a special holiday meal. 

This survey also found that the majority of pet parents believe that their pets enjoy the hustle and bustle of holidays and are looking forward to the influx of visitors during the holiday season. 

Begging for attention, welcoming guests, and playing with a new holiday toy are some of the ways owners know that their pets are in the festive mood.

Nearly half of responders give their pets gifts for Christmas. Those owners, on average, spend more than $100 on three gifts for their pets.

Most owners decide to gift their pet toys (61%), clothes (59%), and treats (56%).

Interestingly, this survey also looked at which family members are the most likely to spoil the pet. 

The results showed that the owner’s brother is the most likely to buy a present for the pet, followed by the owner’s parents. Surprisingly, 36% of grandfathers buy gifts for their four-legged grandchildren, compared to 34% of grandmothers. 

Healthy treats and special occasion meals are a great way to involve your dog or cat in fun holiday moments - and can add a nutritional boost as a bonus,” said Heather Mendoza, Nulo’s Director of Research & Development, according to New York Post

It’s great to see that pet owners are offering their pets special meals that mimic their own holiday feasts. The holiday season provides the opportunity for quality time and special experiences with our families, including finding more ways to show love and affection to our furballs, she added.

In addition to gifts, more cuddles, and treats, pets are also spoiled more during the holiday season by having their special person at home with them. Nearly half of respondents admit to going on more walks and adventures with their pets during the holidays. Interestingly, 40% of owners report that their pets also get to sleep more.

Considering that almost all American pet owners consider their pets a part of the family, it’s no surprise that pets partake in holiday traditions. The majority of owners bring their pets to celebrations at other people’s homes. Pets are also involved in “opening the presents” and even go to meet the Santa. 

Results showed that 40% of respondents believe Christmas is their pet’s favorite holiday - far ahead of the second favorite (New Year’s Day) at 19%,” said Mendoza.

And if you still haven’t found a perfect gift for your pet, don’t despair! Check out our detailed holiday gift guide for cats and dogs to find the best holiday present for your four-legged companion. 

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Nevena Nacic
Nevena Nacic

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