SuperZoo 2018: The Buzz on SONICGUARD’s Ultrasound Flea And Tick Dev

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
European-based Tickless has introduced the SONICGUARD Mini and SONICGUARD Cat as the next generation ultrasound flea and tick protection for pets.

European-based company TICKLESS has introduced a new ultrasonic flea and tick repellent for North America and cat lovers are going to love that for the company’s first time, they’ve created a SONICGUARD specifically targeted for cats.

The SONICGUARD Mini is designed for small dog breeds, while the SONICGUARD Cat will protect cats from fleas and ticks with ultrasonic pulses like the Tickless products do — and NOT with chemicals. The European company has already had success, particularly as Europe tends to demand more non-toxic products for their pets than the North American does, but there’s an ever-growing group of ‘crunchy’ pet parents who are looking to repel fleas and ticks with no chemicals.

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Daniel Kiss is the CEO and owner of SONICGUARD, and said that they’ve done a lot of research in the pet industry and find that the market for safe, chemical-free products is growing exponentially. Rightly so, as more research points to dangerous side effects from many chemical treatments, and some pet parents are finding the benefits are not outweighing the side effects. Kiss said that these new offerings in their line represent a new generation of ultrasonic flea and tick protection and though the Mini is the smallest ultrasonic repellent on the market today, it’s stronger and more effective.

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SONICGUARD has no chemicals or fragrances and so pets and humans alike can use it. It sends out a series of ultrasonic pulses that humans and pets can’t hear, but fleas and ticks can’t orient themselves because of the pulses and so they are not able to find you or your pets. Kiss says that it is a cutting-edge product, and not only an effective one, but one that pet parents will find attractive for themselves and pets. They come in four colors for versatility.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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