SuperZoo 2018: Hoadin Conscious Canine Accessories For Earth Friendly

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
SuperZoo always has innovative and unique products and accessories for our best friends, and many give back to animals in need. One such company is Hoadin, and we love some of their earth-conscious canine accessories!

One of the best parts of SuperZoo is getting to meet the people behind their products…to hear their stories and ideas behind their companies. We admit–great beliefs behind great products make us swoon. That’s why we loved Hoadin!

Nancy Dietlin founded Hoadin in 2016 in an attempt to become part of commerce that works consciously– mainly to make quality products and a difference at the same time. She came to that point after conducting searches online for a dog she could adopt, and seeing the desperate need for homeless dogs to find their forever families.

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Environmentally aware, she decided there were enough ‘pleather products’ in the dog accessory arena and she wanted to do something about that as well. Pleather is that plastic-based, fake leather that is often used in leashes/collars/harnesses and toys and while a leather alternative, not one she feels is environmentally friendly.

That’s where cork came into the picture. Yes, cork. Dietlin designed a line of cork-based accessories that offer water-resistance and vivid color to the leather alternative options for dog accessories, but better? She decided that with every purchase of one of her products, her company will donate to a dog rescue partner she has thoroughly vetted.

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The name Hoadin actually is a testament to her purpose: Help Out A Dog In Need. And, her commitment to the environment with a company that is dog and earth-friendly is evident in her intention to add another ‘R’ to the ‘reduce, reuse and recycle,’ mantra many environmentalists claim. She’s added an extra ‘R’: Repair. Hoadin says that she wants to show that eco-friendly also means quality materials that you buy and use for longer periods of time, thus reducing the need to buy lesser quality products more often. Hoadin offers FREE repairs on all of their products, which means that even if you have an issue, you can send it to them and they’ll repair it. Additionally, they produce all products in the U.S. to help reduce the carbon footprint with fewer overseas shipments requirements.

Mostly, though, Nancy says she just wants to make a difference in the world of dogs–and the rescues with which proceeds from her sales go work to make sure no dog is in need. You can check a list of those rescues out here, and you can find her products (including adorable toys made from cork, cloth and corn-based fiberfill) in boutiques and online.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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