SuperZoo 2018: WizSmart Pee Pads Encourage Lifting Legs and Eco Consci

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
SuperZoo never disappoints when it comes to finding companies looking to make a difference in the lives of pets. Petix, the makers of the awesome WizSmart Pee Pad, is one such company, as they’ve announced they are donating over 22,000 of their pads for shelter pets, fosters and adoptive families across the country.

One of the best things about SuperZoo is all the innovation we see. I mean, who in the world would think about putting a dog’s pee pad on the wall?

Yes, the wall.

Turns out Petix did, and we have to say, the WizSmart dog pads are pretty fantastic. They’re celebrating their first year of being a sustainable, eco-friendly pee pad company with a new initiative called WizSmart Gives Back.

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The pads are super absorbent and quick drying, but best? They really are leak proof–which is important when your pad is secured to the wall. Why secure it to a wall? Krister Holm is the General Manager of Petix Co., North America. He says that putting the pad at a 9o-degree angle gives male dogs a perfect target for aim.

This is especially helpful for puppy training or territorial dogs, and we use these pads–they really don’t leak. Holm says that the quick absorbency is a unique blend of materials that includes unused, reclaimed baby diapers. Reusing over 80 million unused defective diapers keeps them from going to landfills every year, and Holm says that people don’t have to constantly change soggy pee pads.

They work for up to 24 hours, so there’s way less plastic and waste, and that’s better for you and the environment. To celebrate their overwhelming initial success, the WizSmart Gives Back initiative will support animal shelters and rescue groups in the New York City area. They’ve already donated over 22,000 pads for shelter pets, fosters and adoptive families to help with puppy potty training.

Holm says that their mission has always been to create a better dog pee pad, but that the heart of their company is a commitment to helping dogs in need of an indoor potty solution that works for them and their humans. They want to take away the stress on both pet and person that comes with potty training, and want to give back to shelters and rescue groups who are committed to helping stray animals.

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They’ve debuted their XL WizSmart super absorbent dog pad here at SuperZoo, and it offers the same fabulous benefits of the original (including the four patented stay put tabs) with even more space so medium and larger dogs can also use it. They are expected to be in retail stores in the fall of 2018.

An eco-friendly product from a family-owned sustainable company that gives back to shelters and rescue groups and ALSO encourages dogs to (safely) pee on walls? Yes, please!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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