Tall Tails Builds Self-Esteem and Courage With New Dog Toys

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by PetGuide Staff
There are toys, toys and more toys at Superzoo! Tall Tails launches its new lines, including new designs to the Natural Toy Collection.

Tall Tails believes that life with your dog should be full of adventure, and their products reflect that. They are designed with high-quality materials; little pieces of luxury for your dog after long days of exploration. They’ve brought a ton of new things to Superzoo, and we particularly love some of their new natural toys.

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They are adding to their already popular natural toy line with some new Scrappy Critters. They are rugged–with heavy duty stitching that will keep them together–the kind of toy the puppies love because they are a challenge, and bigger dogs love because they just make them feel good. The raccoon, rabbit, and fox are made with sustainable manufacturing processes–which we love. They use the leftover 4″ circle from their Tug Ring for these new critters, and are affordably priced at $7.99. Good for the planet and great for your pup!

Tall Tails also introduced their new line of canvas toys for those who prefer canvas to the plushies. Again, we are impressed with the durability of these babies. They are made with natural cotton canvas and basically, give dogs a return to good old-fashion fun with what they love best–ducks and fish! Always inspired by the outdoors, Tall Tails hopes the duck and fish can help with training and building self-esteem and courage in dogs everywhere. They’ll retail at $14.99 and $19.99.

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Joel Kaplan, President of Tall Tails and pet owner himself says that the lines are designed to inspire activity and interaction with our pets, in authentic ways, and are designed to be easily maintained and durable so they experience many adventures together.

They also added two more characters to their super-fun line of plush toys–a 5″ chipmunk and a 12″ squirrel. Ever the popular toys, they are soft and plush and gentle on the teeth and gums of pups to seniors. The squeaker will drive your dog mad (in a good way!) and will retail for $10.99 and $14.99 respectively.

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