Best Canine Camping Essentials

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Why should humans have all the fun when it comes to taking advantage of the great outdoors? This summer, pitch a pup tent with these canine camping essentials.

1. Collapsible Playpen

Perfect for the pup who has more energy than you can handle, this playpen will keep them safe and entertained for a little while while you’re busy preparing meals over the campfire. The playpen is available in 3 sizes, each with a gift included- free carrying case and a collapsible water bowl. Ideal for travelling furballs!

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2. Life Jacket

Get your dog to doggy paddle with Outward Hound Standley Sport Life Jacket.

Keep Fido safe and sound with this life jacket so bright, you’ll be able to spot him from a mile away (but let’s hope he doesn’t swim that far). The combination of extra rugged ripstop material and breathable mesh is ideal for water adventures, especially for dogs who swim like pros. That’s something to have in mind, though: this lightweight flotation device is meant for experienced swimmers- if you have a youngster, you might want to look into a more buoyant one.

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3. Portable Water Bottle

Have refreshment on the go with Messy Mutts Stainless Steel Travel Water Bottle.

Durable and practical, this stainless steel bottle is perfect for camping, travelling, and even to take on longer walks with you. The strap makes it handy to carry the bottle on you, and the 700 ml (24 oz) capacity will be enough for most doggos. The water bottle features a flip-down bowl so you can keep your four-legged friend hydrated while on your great summer adventure- no matter where you are.

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4. Waterproof Collar

Say bye to dirt and hi to style with Red Dingo Vivid PVC Dog Collar.

This waterproof collar won’t stink up the tent after Fido’s water activities and can easily be cleaned with some soapy water. And once you go camping with a dog it becomes crystal clear why ‘easy to clean’ attribute suddenly becomes one of the most important ones. This vibrant collar is made from durable PVC coated webbing and will help your pupper stand out in the landscape- another important feature for adventurous canines.

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5. Noblecamper 2-in-1 Dog Bed and Sleeping Bag

One of the biggest things to keep in mind when camping with your pup is trying to save space for their gear plus all of yours. Regular dog beds won’t cut it as they are often large and difficult to transport. However, the Noblecamper 2-in-1 Dog Bed and Sleeping Bag will keep your pup warm even when temperatures dip down at night. Thanks to the nylon shell that zips up to cover your pooch’s entire body much like a sleeping bag, your furry friend will be toasty warm and protected from the elements all night long! To boot, the poly-fill high-loft insulation also adds warmth and comfort to the mix, making sure that your dog doesn’t feel any breeze from the bottom or sides, either. The bed fits easily in the stuff sack and it’s portable and lightweight- words every camper likes to hear!

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6. Dog Bed

Lounge in style in the great outdoors with the Kurgo Loft Wander Dog Bed.

When it’s time to kick back and relax outdoors during the day, this wide dog bed is up for the job. It has a water-resistant top and a waterproof bottom, so wet dogs are always welcome! Ideal when your four-legged bestie wants to take a nap after a dip in the nearby lake- you won’t have to get that wet dog smell all over the tent and they get to dry off in a cozy place.

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7. Hiking Booties

Conquer trails with My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Shoes.

Keep Fido’s feet comfortable and protected with these breathable booties with waterproof anti-slip rubber soles. These cute kicks are not some fashion accessory, though: they are a must if you want your furry companion to be safe from sharp objects, traction, or extreme temperatures.

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8. Outdoor Tent

Get shelter anytime and anyplace with Petego Umbra Pet Portable Dog Tent.

If your pooch doesn’t like sleeping in your tent, simply pop a camping dog bed inside this nifty tent and Fido will sleep in peace without your incessant snoring. Just kidding- you shouldn’t let your pet sleep outside your tent when you’re camping, no matter how horrible his farts get. This multifunctional portable pet house with umbrella mechanism can be used to give your pooch a safe place to chill when you’re busy around the camp- without the risk of them messing up something in the main tent.

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9. Insect Repellent

One of the biggest pests of camping are all the bugs. The last thing you want when you get home from a trip is to bring all the mosquitos, fleas, and ticks from the campsite. But with the Wondercide Flea, Tick, and Mosquito Spray for Pets you can repel all those bugs naturally and safely. The Wondercide spray is made with natural essential oils that kills 98-100% of bugs on contact. It is gentle enough to use on puppies, kittens, and senior pets as often as needed and is even safe to be used around children.

The 3-in-1 plant-based solution is a great home remedy that can be used not only at home but also in your tent, on your sleeping bags, and on your pet. It comes in several scents like lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary, and cedar wood so you can choose the scent that you like best without it being too overwhelming for your home or tent.

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10. Travel Container

Keep the yummies on hand with Vittles Vault Gamma TRAVEL-tainer.

Forget bringing your dog’s bowls from home – this container holds all your dog’s kibble plus turns into two bowls when disassembled, making it perfect for travel.

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Diana Faria

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