Top 10 Dog Carriers For Fashionable Trekkers

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Have dog, will travel! From road trips, to hikes, to far-off destinations, bring your pooch along for the adventure with these fab dog carriers.

Have dog, will travel! From road trips, to hikes, to far-off destinations, bring your pooch along for the adventure with these fab dog carriers.

One of the things I love about having a smaller dog is that he is conveniently compact for my traveling pleasure. Oscar loves to tag along with me in a travel bag – in fact, he prefers it to walking (lazy little bugger, though it’s not like I can blame him). But I have a certain style when it comes to the ideal dog travel carrier. Not only does it have to carry my dog, it also needs to boast a comfortable design, plenty of storage space and envy-inducing glares from anyone who peeps it. Modest, I know- but that’s how I roll. With all of these prerequisites in mind, I present to you my Top 10 Dog Carriers For Fashionable Trekkers.

Before you choose, be sure to think about a few of the following: 

Size Matters

Measure your dog’s length, height and weight before you buy and be sure you have the correct size. They need to be able to turn around easily as well as curl up or stretch out as they so choose. Start from where his collar sits on his back to the base of his tail and then add a few inches.  For shoulder height, go from the top of their shoulders to the ground and add two or three inches. If you’re looking at wearable carriers, make sure your dog will be cozy and comfy against your body. Check the manufacturer information.

Whatcha’ Doin’?

When choosing a carrier, think about what you’re using it for. If you’re only looking to have your pet near and dear when you’re roaming around on the weekends, look for lightweight and easy to carry as well as comfy for your dog. For flying, you’ll want to be sure of the guidelines of each individual airline carrier. Check with them. Then double-check, seriously. If you need something for regular transport, consider hard-topped for safety in the car.

Stylin’ and Profillin’

There are a few different carrier styles to check out when buying a dog carrier:

Soft-sided carriers are the ones you typically see most smaller dogs hanging around in (see what we did there?). Some are even airline-approved (though we reiterate–check!) and they’re usually lightweight and easy to carry around. They’re also the easiest for folding and storing, but be sure to get the right size for your dog.

Standard hard-sided carriers are often preferred because they’ll offer a bit more protection for your doggo and they’re pretty easy to clean, comparatively. Hard-shell carriers are the way to go if you’re flying but your dog is too big for an under-the-seat carrier. They’re also nice if your dog does daily doggie care as you can protect them in the car.

Wearable dog carriers are just that–ones you wear.  Who doesn’t want their fur baby with them always? The thing is, these are typically only practical for a little dog, though some are getting more acceptable for bigger dogs, especially as a backpack.