Top 10 Healthy Vegetables For Dogs

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Finally, something from your plate that’s safe to sneak to your pooch – and healthy to boot. Check out which veggies are not just dog-friendly but tasty to canines, as well.

Vegetables for dogs

Even dogs need to eat their veggies. Sure, kibble bag might boast to contain all the important nutrients and vitamins, but nothing beats fresh vegetables when it comes to nutritious punch they offer. Sliced, diced, served in a cooked dish- veggies can complete your dog’s diet with the essential nutrients they lack, working to promote better immune system, shinier fur, and better oral health- and that’s just to start with. Veggies are one of the rarer human foods that are not just safe to sneak off of your plate to your pooch, but experts will actually encourage you to do so. Naturally, not all veggies are safe for dog consumption. For instance, onions are on the no-no list of vegetables for dogs, as raw, powdered, or cooked onions can damage your pet’s red blood cells and lead to anemia.

Of course, like any food, even the dog-safe veggies need to be given in moderation. Don’t go overboard when it comes to portion sizes- a few bites a day is usually a good rule of thumb for veggie servings. You can cook them, feed them raw or mix it in with your dog’s food. I like to add vegetables to Oscar’s homemade stews. It’s a great way to sneak in some of the less loved veggies to your pooch. It’s for their own good and the flavor of meat and other veggies will deceive them enough for them to gobble their food down without a second guess. Another great way to introduce veggies to your pet’s diet is offering them a bite to chew on, especially if it’s something harder, like carrots. They’ll love chewing on it! And, if all else fails, just offer it straight out of your plate while it’s dinner time- we all know that dogs are obsessed with food we eat, so it’s bound to do the trick. In the end, no matter how you slice and dice it, you’ll want to add these top 10 healthy vegetables for dogs into your pooch’s diet. They are nutritious, help your pet ward off certain health issues, and taste good- what more could anybody ask for?  (©