Top 10 Polite Canadian Dog Deals (Eh!)

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Celebrate 150 years of Canada being the nicest, most maple-syrup-coated country there ever was by covering your dog in Canuck-inspired gear, eh.

1. Canadian Collar

Subtle and stylish, this collar says, “Excuse me, would you mind taking me for a walk? Sorry for being a bother.”

Available at Wal Mart.

2. Red and White Pride

Keep the sun off your back with this tee celebrating 150 years of Canadian pride.

Get yours at Petsmart.

3. Tagged Canadian

Announce to the world that your dog is proud to be Canadian.

Order your custom-made tag at DogIDs.

4. Sweet Northern Dreams

Your pooch will dream of frosty igloos and delicious Hawaiian pizza (yes, it is Canadian!) while snoozing on this patriotic pillow.

Available at CafePress.

5. Canada Bandana

Can you say “Canada Bandana” five times, really fast?

Order yours at Etsy.

6. Je suis Hungry!

It doesn’t get more Canadian than a moose sporting a pair of Canadian boxers (well, maybe if he was sipping a Tim Hortons coffee).

Available at Zazzle.

7. Hats of to You!

Keep the sun out of your dog’s eyes this July 1 long weekend while at the cottage with this sweet maple leaf hat.

Available at Zazzle.

8. Fancy Flag Leash

Well-heeled, polite pooches walk in an orderly fashion, especially while strolling with their human using this flag-abulous leach.

Head over to FlagCollars for yours.

9. Maple Leaf Toy

Let me squeak the Canadian national anthem for you!

Order yours at Etsy.

10. The Canadian Pièce De Résistance

Oh, Canada! Just when you didn’t think your dog could be more Canadian, along comes this tutu.

Available at Etsy.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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