Winners Of Our Halloween Howl Dog Costume Contest

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What a great response we had to our Halloween Howl Dog Costume Contest! I have to say that this year you made my job really difficult. You creative pet parents took it to the next level with your outrageous doggy costume designs and you blew me away with your designs and ideas! I can’t even imagine where you’re going to go next Halloween!

But, we had to pick three winners, and it was tough narrowing it down. Here they are:

Phoenix & GryphonFirst Prize (Canada Pooch Parka): Phoenix & Gryphon from Plainview, NY: Everybody better beware! The Little Shop of Horrors is open for business. Gryphon is playing the part of Seymour, the young florist shop clerk who stumbles upon a very unusual plant, which he names Audrey II. Phoenix plays Audrey II, the man eating plant from outer space who is out for blood. Seymour is feeding drops of blood from his finger into Audrey II’s gaping toothy mouth. This causes the plant to grow and grow, and its tendrils continue to spread until they are taking over the florist shop, and just might take over the world. This photo was taken live, without use of Photoshop-type programs.

zoeSecond Place (Tall Tails Bone Sherpa Blanket): Zoe from Clermont, FL: This is Zoe, our peacock princess, she’s a rescue, she was a puppy mill breeder for 7 years of her life, she is the sweetest girl and proof that rescues are the best breed! And FYI: my wife and I made this costume, all the feathers are real peacock feathers.

frankiThird Place (earthbath pack): Franki from New Berlin, WI: My German Shepherd dressed up as Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds.” She is 3 years old and loves to dress up and make us all laugh!

A special thanks goes out to our prize sponsors: Canada Pooch, Tall Tails and earthbath.

And a HUGE thanks goes out to all of you who entered – you guys prove that PetGuide pet parents rock! Next year, we’re going to take it up a notch, too, and offer even MORE chances to win.

We’ll be launching a new contest in just a few weeks, so stay tuned!