Go Green with EcoQube Air, the World’s First Desktop Greenhouse For Wellness

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Now more than ever, we’ve realized how important our surroundings are to our productivity in the work place. Cubicles don’t inspire creativity, productivity or tranquility… but the EcoQube Air does! It’s an innovative and inspiring desktop greenhouse that’s designed to improve your wellbeing by providing healthy air, smart light therapy, and thriving greenery.

The desktop aquarium trend is hotter than ever because people want to bring nature inside to their working environment. Measuring in at 8″ x 8″, what’s amazing about the EcoQube Air is how many functions it incorporates in a compact tank – it’s a greenhouse, humidifier, air filter, air circulator, circadian-rhythm and light-therapy device that improves air quality, light biology, and plant growth. And the best part is you don’t need a green thumb to grown this lush, desktop garden; it’s extremely user friendly and it automatically begins working once it’s plugged in!

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Because of its clean, minimalistic design, the EcoQube Air fits perfectly into any décor. Use it in your bedroom to cultivate a relaxing retreat. It can replace your alarm clock – never again will an annoying buzz startle you from your peaceful dreams. Instead, you’ll wake up naturally, thanks to the EcoQube Air’s gently increasing light. And you’ll be much more refreshed, as its LED can be used to adjust your circadian rhythm, which offers you a restful sleep and more energy during the day.

And this greenhouse is smart – the EcoQube Air even has its own app! You can pre-program specific light schedules, change colors, adjust weather functions, or control the light right from your cell.

Here’s what comes with the EcoQube Air setup:

  • Water reservoir and induction pump for super quiet water flow
  • Heppa-type filter for healthy plant growth and removal of harmful air particles
  • Dual fans to circulate 1,000 cubic feet of purified air every hour
  • Bright LEDs with customizable color schemes
  • Plant medium pods that allow up to 12 plants
  • Basil seeds (US backers only)
  • Mobile app for automation
  • Wide-range voltage power supply
  • Built-in UV filter to kill harmful microbes and prevent algae growth
  • Fogger to improve plant growth and air quality

Combine form and function to naturally improve your environment and your quality of life with the EcoQube Air. It’s available now on Kickstarter for a limited time at early-bird pricing – for $139, you’ll get the full EcoQube Air package at base cost! Check out EcoQube Air’s Kickstarter page for all the details.