Best Products to Remove Aquarium Algae

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Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning to find your aquarium covered in a layer of green. Aquarium algae is something every aquarium hobbyist must battle from time to time, but with the right products you can win the fight. Algae is completely natural, but it can be a nuisance and it is definitely something you don’t want to let grow out of control.

In this article, we’ll discuss the subject of aquarium algae and provide you with some helpful tips for getting it under control. We’ll also provide you with our top 10 picks for the best products you can use to remove or control algae in your aquarium.

Best Products to Get Rid of Algae

A little bit of algae isn’t going to do your tank any harm, but if it starts to grow out of control you’ll need to take action. Getting rid of algae involves more than just wiping it off your tank walls – you also need to get control of the nutrients it’s using to grow and improve the quality and cleanliness of your tank water so it doesn’t grow back.

Here are our top picks for the best products to remove aquarium algae:

This 6-in-1 cleaning tool makes it easy to remove aquarium algae without getting your hands wet. It includes a telescoping handle, gravel rake, metal blade, sponge cleaners, and a tube brush.

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If algae starts to get out of hand, add these algae tablets to keep your aquarium water crystal clear. It helps remove existing algae and keeps it from coming back.

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This extra-long, extra-strong algae scraper makes quick work of even stubborn algae. The long handle keeps your hands dry and supports the ultra-durable scrubbing pad. Just keep in mind that it is only intended for use on glass aquariums.

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While many aquarium cleaning products rely on chemicals or your ongoing cleaning efforts, this UV sterilizer will help you keep your tank in top shape with less work on your part. This small, lightweight unit uses ultra-violet light to kill off unwanted single cell organisms including bacteria, algae, viruses and more. This means that it will not only help to clean your aquarium, but it will also work to keep your fish healthy.

The sterilizer is easy to install and will clear up most aquariums in just 3 to 5 days. It will then continue to work to maintain clean, clear water moving forward.

If you are concerned about operating costs or balancing too many different chemicals in your aquarium, this is a great cost-effective and environmentally alternative. The only ongoing cost to consider is the replacement of your UV lamp every 12-14 months and it can be used on both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, as well as in small ponds.

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If you’re looking for a simple solution to aquarium algae, consider this water treatment. It helps control algae growth to keep your aquarium walls, ornaments, and plants clean. Simply dose the tank every three days until algae is under control then treat weekly to keep it under control.

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Another affordable option in UV sterilization, this unit cleans up to a 150-gallon tank. It features a built-in 5-watt water pump and 5-watt UV light, helping get rid of cloudy water and excess algae to keep your tank clean.

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For stubborn algae you need a strong scrubber like this stainless steel algae scrubber. It features a heavy-duty construction and a right-angle blade that makes quick work of tough algae. Simply change the blade between uses and get to work.

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If you’re looking for an algae solution that won’t negatively affect your plants, try this water treatment. It combats existing aquarium algae and prevents its return in a gentle way. It works against green water, blue-green algae, diatoms, and even stubborn hair algae.

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Another great option to keep your hands dry, this algae scrubber uses magnets to clean algae on the inside of the tank. Simply place the inner glass cleaning pad inside the tank and the handle outside the tank, moving it with your hand.

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A miniature version similar to the previous option, this algae scraper won’t scratch your tank but it will take care of algae. It keeps your hands dry while you clean and it features super suction so it won’t fall off.

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If you’re looking for something simple but effective, this small magnetic aquarium glass cleaner might do the trick. It comes in several sizes and it is designed to work well around corners without sinking.

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What You Need to Know About Aquarium Algae

Algae takes many different forms, but none of them are particularly desirable in your home aquarium. In addition to making your tank look dirty, algae can compete with live plants and other photosynthetic organisms for valuable nutrients. Keeping algae under control in your tank is an essential task and, fortunately, not a very difficult one.

Here are some tips to keep algae under control:

  • Limit your tank lighting to 10 to 12 hours of broad-spectrum light per day – avoid leaving your lights on for too long or algae could grow out of control.
  • Perform routine water changes to remove detritus and other solid waste from the substrate in your tank as it decomposes it provides food for algae to grow.
  • Place your tank in a location away from direct sunlight – the heat and light from the sun can increase algae growth.
  • Keep your levels of phosphate, nitrate, and iron in check – these are the top nutrients algae needs to grow, so avoid over-fertilizing your tank and check your water parameters regularly.
  • Be sure to use a three-stage filtration system – removing solid and dissolved wastes helps control algae by removing excess of substances it needs to grow.
  • Keep the water quality in your tank high by performing small water changes every two weeks and larger water changes every month.

In addition to putting these tips to use, you might consider adding some algae eaters to your tank. Algae eaters come in many shapes and forms ranging from certain species of fish to aquatic snails. Just be sure that the one you choose is well-suited to your existing tank parameters.

Removing aquarium algae doesn’t need to be a long, complicated process. With the right tools, you can take care of it quickly and, with the right maintenance routine, you never have to worry about it getting out of hand. Use what you’ve learned here and with our top product picks to keep your tank algae-free.