Fish RX: Hikari PraziPro Fights Parasite Infestations

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Unfortunately, diseases and parasites are par for the course when it comes to aquarium fish, just as you would expect for any other family pet. Fish can fall victim to a laundry list of parasitical inhabitants that inflict immense damage and can mean a slow, painful death. They can wreak havoc on tanks of any size if not treated and dealt with quickly and efficiently. To take care of these problems quickly, you need to be a diligent fish owner, knowing your fish well enough to tell when something isn’t quite right. Parasites in aquariums can cause a multitude of complications, which include slowly starving the fish, or eating them from the inside out.

Signs of parasites can be as obvious as worms coming out of the fish’s body, a once bright and active fish becoming dull and lethargic, or a fish flashing the plants and other aquarium decorations. Knowing your tank and your fish is key when diagnosing a problem. Once you are aware of the problem, addressing it with a product that will work well and fast is the next step.

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Hikari PraziPro is a trusted medication that can be used in fresh, salt, and pond waters to control parasite infestations. If you have multiple tanks of different varieties, this is great product to have on hand. It will treat tapeworms, roundworms, flukes, and other common parasites. A huge perk of this product is that it can be used as a preventative measure, even when no signs of parasites are present.

The medication isn’t harmful to plants or fish, so using it as a ‘just in case’ measure is completely safe. The product can be used every five to seven days – use one teaspoon per 20 gallons, or 1 oz per 120 gallons. Simply measure the solution and either place into the filtration system, or distribute around the edge of the water. Be certain to remove any activated carbon prior to dosing, as it will remove the medication from the waters.

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Hikari PraziPro costs around $13 for a 4 oz bottle, which will treat 480 gallons. For pond owners, a larger bottle 16 oz bottle is available for around $40. It is available online or in most pet stores.

This is the kind of product no fish room should ever be without. Every fish owner should have it on hand just in case of a parasitic outbreak, or just to use occasion as a preventative, especially if you are bringing in new fish and plants on a regular basis. I personally would recommend dosing PraziPro every time something new is added to the aquarium, to avoid any major issues cropping up down the road.

Hikari also offers a product to aid in the treatment of Ich called Ich-X, which claims to be highly effective. PraziPro can be used in coordination with Ich-X without negative consequences, so if new fish have been brought in these two products paired together can eliminate the chances of any type of infestation in the aquarium.

Summer Davis is the mom of three kids, four dogs, and several tanks of fish. She boasts a passion for all animals, whether they are in the water or on land. This fish aficionado has kept many different species in her time, but holds a special place in her heart for wild and domestic bettas. When she’s not talking about fish, Summer “spins” her extra time as the director of a baton twirling organization.