Top 10 Mellow Dog Breeds

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Hey dude, take a chill pill. Yes, these bump-on-a-log dogs take the prize for being the mellowest of the mellow mutts. Take a long, lazy looks at our top 10 mellow dog breeds.

To be fair, it takes skill to be a couch potato and while our Top 10 candidates for mellow dog breeds are down for a little exercise and friendly dog-park interaction, they just prefer not -thanks anyway. But it’s not like there isn’t a calling for a calmer, gentler pooch… seniors, those with young children or other small pets will appreciate these dogs’ laid back approach to life. Of course an owner with a large sofa, cozy blankets and a passion for binge-watching Netflix will find they have a match made in heaven.


Topping our list of mellow dog breeds is the Bulldog. While you wouldn’t call him a lapdog, this sturdy little guy loves to hang with his human pack and takes up very little real estate on the sofa. His gentle, friendly nature makes him great with kids and a pushover when you need to well, push him over so you can sit down. (Photo credit: Grisha Bruev/Shutterstock)


Not all small dogs are hyper and yappy. This mini mutt with the laid back disposition would love nothing more than to climb up onto your lap and spend the day hanging out. His super chill demeanor gets the cat’s approval and he’s even quiet enough for apartment living. (Photo credit: NEO80/Shutterstock)

Great Dane

Yes, this gentle giant is happy to just go with the flow. You won’t see him running a race or jumping up to greet the mailman, but he’s happy to accompany you on a walk – if you really want him to. He’s loyal, he’s loving and he looks great stretched out across the sofa. (Photo credit: BIGANDT.COM/Shutterstock)

Saint Bernard

Another big boy, the Saint Bernard is known for being a friendly, patient and just overall easy-going kind of dude. Make no mistake, he is a solid working dog but all work and no play is just too dang tiring. Give him a warm deck, cozy carpet or comfy sofa and he’ll show you what R&R is all about. (Photo credit: Aneta Jungerova/Shutterstock)


Although he is known for being the fastest dog in the world, this pooch is a sprinter not a marathon runner and this means that “in between” races he loves nothing better than to chill out and become a sofa spud. Retired Greyhounds are the sweetest, mellowest mutts around. Some might even call him lazy. (Photo credit: Elena Vasilchenko/Shutterstock)

Clumber Spaniel

This adorable pooch with the sleepy looking face gets along with everyone – hey, why not! While he’s a pretty active puppy, things slow down as he gets older and although he loves a good game of fetch… you may be retrieving the ball on your own while he takes a little siesta. (Photo credit: Lenkadan/Shutterstock)


Another mellow boy with a loving yet determined nature. This hard-working pooch needs daily exercise to keep him fit and trim, but after a good walk he’s ready for a nice long snooze and because of his size, he’ll decide where that will be. (Photo credit: photosounds/Shutterstock)

French Bulldog

Who’s that snoring? Yes, your Frenchie loves a good nap and any cozy spot will suit him just fine, thank you. Described as docile and easy-going, this bat-eared pooch with the smooshed face is cool with accompanying you on walks… over to the sofa! (Photo credit: Lukas Maverick Greyson/Shutterstock)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

What do you want to do? I don’t know, what do you want to do. This adaptable little spaniel is happy to go with the flow whether it’s hanging out on the sofa, on the deck, at your feet while you make dinner or even out on a walk. As long as there’s a place to flop, he’s down with it! (Photo credit: Fotyma/Shutterstock)

Basset Hound

Doesn’t his face just make you want to yawn? This good ol’ boy with the long ears and droopy mug is the mellowest of the mellow. Rounding out our mellow dog breeds list, this pooch is known for his super calm manner and ability to sleep anywhere. That said he is a powerful scenthound who quickly springs to life when the opportunity to track presents. (Photo credit: pranee mankit/Shutterstock)

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