Amazon Parrot

Orange Winged Amazon

Due to its long lifespan and sweet personality, the Orange Winged Amazon is often chosen as a companion.

Yellow Naped Amazon

Yellow Naped Amazons are skilled talkers and will quickly become the family’s favorite entertainer.

White Fronted Amazon

White Fronted Amazons are the smallest in their family but have a great personality to make up for it.

Yellow Crowned Amazon

The Yellow Crowned Amazon can live for up to 100 years- getting one as a pet will mean a lifelong commitment.

Mexican Red Headed Amazon

With all the talking, the silly tricks and cuddles, a Mexican Red Headed Amazon makes a great pet parrot.

Lilac Crowned Amazon

Lilac Crowned Amazon is more than a pet- they are lifelong friends and companions to their owners.

Mealy Amazon

The Mealy Amazon is exceptional by all accounts- these magnificent birds can live to be 100 years old!

Red Lored Amazon

The Red Lored Amazon makes a lifelong companion- these stunning birds can live to be up to 80 years old.