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About Ewokian

7-11 inches
5-10 lbs
12-15 years
Not applicable
Best Suited For
Families, living in an apartment, seniors, families with older children
Sweet, affectionate, adaptable, intelligent, curious, playful, energetic
Comparable Breed
Havanese, Pomeranian
Ewokian Basics

You don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to find these cute pooches irresistible! Ewokian is a designer dog breed developed by crossing two toy dogs, the Havanese and the Pomeranian. These small canines are easily recognizable for their insanely adorable teddy-bear looks, which earned them their name. However, it’s not just about being pretty when it comes to these hybrid dogs! Ewokians, or Pomenese, as they’re also known, are smart, sweet, and easy to train.

Not unlike its parents, the Ewokian is bred to be a perfect companion dog. While this means your cheerful little pooch will love nothing more than to spend time with you, it can cause problems, too. Unless trained properly, their affection can turn into a behavioral issue, as they are prone to separation anxiety. If you’re getting an Ewokian, make sure that you’ll have enough time to spend with your furry friend. Otherwise, these Ewok-lookalikes might get depressed and destructive.

The Ewokian is sweet, smart, and easy to train. Their adorable looks are just a bonus to their personality!


You might want to believe that the first Ewokian puppies were found in the forest moon of Endor, but the truth is that their origin is unknown. Most sources agree that this designer breed was first created in the United States, like most others hybrid breeds. While it’s hard to pinpoint the exact time when the Ewokian became an official breed- and not just an accidental cross between two purebreds- it was sometime in the last 10 to 15 years.

However, while the origin and history of Ewokian might be mysterious, those of its parents certainly aren’t. Both the Pomeranian and Havanese have long been favorites in the world of dog breeds. The tiny and feisty Pom started out as a lap dog for European royalty in the 18th century, but these regal pooches haven’t forgotten it still. Havanese started off in Cuba, where the “Havanese Silk Dog” was the common companion choice for nobles and commoners alike.


The Ewokian is not recognized by the American Kennel Club, which is why their puppies can’t have official pedigrees. All designer dog breeds and crossbreed dogs are in the same situation. The reason for the lack of recognition is the unpredictability of crossbreeding. Even across one litter, there is no set standard for the puppies. Some of the dogs might look more like the Pomeranian parent, while others might favor the Havanese.

Of course, this is not to say that the parents of the Ewokian can’t have pedigrees. In fact, you should ask the breeder about your new pet’s family tree. If they’re a reputable breeder and responsible about the health and quality of their dogs, they will provide a family history for both of the parents.


Providing your pet with a well-balanced, nutritious diet will help establish a good foundation for their overall health. Dogs are omnivores, and as such, they can eat a wide variety of foods, but not all of them will be good for your pet. The Ewokian will thrive on high-quality dry dog food, like most canines. The important thing is to choose the right type of kibble for your pet’s unique needs. Most formulations designed for small dogs with medium or low activity levels are a good match for Ewokian’s needs. Of course, you should switch things up for your pet from time to time. Introduce wet food, homecooked meals, and other treats to ensure variety in your furry bestie’s diet.

The Ewokian is a toy-sized pooch, so they won’t need much food to stay full. In fact, you should pay attention to the amount of food you’re serving to your four-legged companion, as they can get overweight. For a small dog such as the Ewokian, any excess weight can quickly lead to health issues.

The most important thing is to choose the right type of kibble for your pet’s unique needs.


When it comes to training, the Ewokian will impress you. Owing to its unique parentage, this petite pooch is very eager to please its owner. This means that encouragement and cheering will do wonders during your pet’s training sessions! With positive reinforcement methods and a bit of effort, your pet will learn their manners in no time. And it’s essential that they do: if not socialized on time, Ewokian puppies can grow up into dogs with behavioral issues. In addition to the common problems caused by lack of training, these designer dogs are prone to developing separation anxiety. Make sure to crate train them and teach them that being on their own is nothing to be anxious about: it will pay off in the long run!

However, while in most cases these dogs are easy to train, it’s not a given. Designer dogs don’t always inherit only the best traits of their parents: sometimes its a character flaw. In the case of the Ewokian, it can be a stubborn streak from its Pomeranian parent. If your pooch is a bit strong-willed, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be trained. It just takes a bit more patience!


The Ewokian is the offspring of two toy dog breeds, so it’s no surprise that these dogs are petite. While there are no certainties when it comes to designer dogs, the size of these dogs doesn’t vary much. On average, most Ewokian puppies will weigh between 5 and 10 pounds when they grow up.


More often than not, people fall in love with the Ewokian looks before they even consider their personality. After all, it’s hard to resist a face as adorable as theirs! Luckily, the temperament of these pretty pooches is equally wonderful as their teddy-bear appearance. The Ewokian is a cross between the Pomeranian and the Havanese, both of which are known for a lovely character. You can expect their offspring to be no less friendly, loyal, or smart than its parents!

While it’s impossible to predict how a dog will act solely on their genes, there are some common tendencies you can count on. As a designer dog, the Ewokian will be a blend of its purebred parents, sometimes favoring one side over the other. In any case, this means that your Ewokian puppy will be cuddly and very affectionate. They are quite friendly and sweet, with children and adults alike. Also, they can be energetic and playful, so count on having a lot of playtime with your new pet.

Of course, there are never any certainties when it comes to a dog’s behavior. A lot will depend on training and socialization, so make sure to work with your puppy on time. It will ensure they grow up into a wonderful dog!

Common Health Problems

It is believed that crossbreeding purebred dogs lowers the chance for hereditary issues in their offspring. And even if that was the case, there’s no way to completely eradicate genetics-related health problems in dogs. For the Ewokian, common illnesses they are prone to include hip dysplasia and early tooth loss. Luckily, with preventive care and quality lifestyle, both of these conditions can be prevented. For hip dysplasia, make sure that your Ewokian gets enough exercise, doesn’t get overweight or jump off of furniture. As for dental issues, vigilant oral hygiene will do the trick, so make sure to brush their teeth daily.

In general, the Ewokian is a healthy dog. However, it’s crucial to get your pet from a reputable breeder, as designer dogs are often the prey of puppy mill breeders. If you get a dog from these despicable conditions, it’s highly likely that they’ll be sick- sometimes it takes years for the genetic issues to show!

Life Expectancy

The tiny Ewokian has been recognized as a breed only for the last few years, so there’s not enough information about their maximum lifespan. However, you can pretty accurately guesstimate based on the parent’s longevity- the Ewokian’s life expectancy is between 12 and 15 years.

Exercise Requirements

Don’t let the Ewokian’s size and delicate looks fool you- these are energetic furballs! These crossbreeds have a spirited and playful nature and are always running around or playing with their favorite toy. However, even considering they’re more energetic than most lap dogs, these dogs are still at a moderate activity level. The Ewokian is actually quite low-maintenance when it comes to exercise needs, as they can burn off their energy indoors. Even so, daily walks in the park or around the neighborhood are encouraged, as spending time outside on the fresh air is very beneficial for dogs. On average, 30 to 60 minutes of daily walking will be more than enough to keep your pooch well-exercised.

Due to its small size and modest activity requirements, the Ewokian makes an excellent apartment pet. These dogs adapt easily to most environments, but an apartment setting is ideal for them. Provided that you regularly take them to the park or let them stretch their paws on walks, the Ewokian will be more than happy to be a big city pooch!

Don’t let the Ewokian’s size and delicate looks fool you- these are energetic furballs!

Recognized Clubs

Designer dog breeds might not be recognized by the official canine organizations such as the AKC, but there are clubs that see their value. The Ewokian is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, Designer Breed Registry, Dog Registry of America, as well as International Designer Canine Registry.


At first glance, Ewokian puppies look more like their Havanese parent than the Pom, as they come in a variety of colors. Their coat can be in one shade or sport two different ones. As for the quality of hair, a lot will depend on which parent’s genes were more dominant. The Havanese doesn’t shed and is considered hypoallergenic, but the Pom doesn’t share this quality.

Most Ewokian dogs have a medium-length hair, that’s silky and dense. They are not overly demanding when it comes to their grooming needs, but you will need to brush them on a daily basis. The Ewokian is not known as a stinky pooch, so a bath every couple of weeks should be more than enough to keep your pet in top shape.


Considering how extremely cute Ewokian puppies are, it’s no wonder they are becoming more and more popular. Even once you move on from their adorable appearance, you’ll be charmed by their loving, kind nature and adaptability. These tiny doggos will fit in effortlessly in any family! Smart and easily trainable, these designer dogs have an easy-going personality that appeals to most prospective dog owners. You don’t have to be a seasoned pooch parent to teach the Ewokian tricks and commands!

The Ewokian is a good choice for a family pet, but it might be better if the children were older. These are small, fragile dogs and they can be easily hurt in reckless play. In addition, seniors might find that these companion dogs are just what they need in their golden years. Ewokians are not too active and will relish the opportunity to live with an owner that spends a lot of time with them.

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