Therapy Dogs

Doxie Pin

The Doxie Pin is a perfect pet for singles and seniors, as well as families with older children.


Lively, friendly and utterly adorable, the Pug-Dachshund mix is a companion anyone would wish for.


Friendly, sweet, and lively, Papshund will make a wonderful companion for families of all sizes.


Jackshund has a happy-go-lucky attitude and goofy behavior. Their friendliness makes them very popular!


Underneath the elegant and graceful physique, the Docker hides a playful, charming character.


The sweet and friendly Doxie Cavalier mix dog makes a perfect companion for seniors and a family pet. 

Doxie Cairn

As a mix of two very clever and sweet dog breeds, this hybrid has the potential to be a great companion.

Dach Griffon

The adorable Dach Griffon makes a devoted and affectionate pet that will bond deeply with its owner.

Bo Dach

The Bo Dach is a playful, friendly, laid-back dog that does well with families of all shapes and sizes.