Blue Fronted Amazon

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic
fast facts

About Blue Fronted Amazon

15 to 16 inches
40+ years
Bird Species
Amazon Parrot
Green, yellow and blue markings
Vocal, mimicking, talkative
Social, energetic, playful
Comparable Breeds
Senegal Parrot, Eclectus Parrot
Blue Fronted Amazon General Info

Like all the other Amazon parrots, the Blue Fronted breed is a popular and widely loved pet bird. With their fun and energetic personality, their fantastic talent for talking and quirky, goofy behavior, the Blue Fronted Amazon parrots have a lot of traits that you will love. With a lengthy lifespan of 40 and more years, they are prized as companion pets for singles, as well as families, as these lovely avians can offer a lifelong friendship.

All of the Amazon parrots are popular companions and pet birds. They are fun and playful talkers.

Native Region/Natural Habitat

Home for these parrots is in South America. This bird lives in the semi-humid woodlands, savannas and palm groves in a vast territory and parts of Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia. With a thriving of a small feral population of Blue Fronted Amazon, an unusual new home was found far away from South American rainforests – in Stuttgart, Germany. What started as a few loose and feral birds grew into a successful colony in the town’s greener, less populous areas.

Overall Description

These Amazon parrots are fairly large and robust, as many of their cousins. Adults will reach an average length of 15 to 16 inches (38 to 40 centimeters), and up to 14 ounces (400 grams) in weight. They can be recognized by their rounded and proportionate head and beak, as well as a somewhat short tail. Keep in mind that there is no visual method to tell apart the males and females – they look exactly the same!

Speech and Sounds

The Blue Fronted Amazon is one of the quieter parrots in the family. Like all the other Amazons, it retains a good capability to mimic words and will memorize common greetings and phrases. They’ll mimic these in their clear, loud voice. They will also chirp and tweet on their own, but not to a great extent. In general, they are not a noisy parrot and will be an acceptable apartment pet.


It’s quite a whirlwind of colors when it comes to The Blue Fronted Amazon’s plumage, and most of the combinations are full of tropical tones. The body is mainly green, tinged with yellow undertones. The face, mostly around the eyes, is bright yellow and the forehead is colored in a distinctive patch of turquoise, giving them their name, as well as a unique look. Small yellow and red patches on the top and bottom of the wings complete this exotic and colorful look.

Full of tropical, warm tones, and with their unique blue forehead, The Blue Fronted Amazon is a beautiful breed.

Care and Feeding

There is a great variety of commercial seed and pellet mixes that will be perfect for your Amazon parrot pet, and will entirely imitate their diet in the wild. You will also want to supplement it with a varied selection of fresh fruits, fresh green vegetables and cooked rice or chicken for an excellent source of protein. A cuttlebone will serve as a good source of calcium and a way for your pet to dull its powerful beak.

Health and Common Conditions

The Blue Fronted Amazon parrots are notorious for their endurance and ability to adapt. Thanks to their stocky build and large size, they won’t often get ill. Of course, you will need to provide adequate care and attention. A priority should be good hygiene and regular showers. Neglected birds will be prone to many diseases.

Another thing to notice is their necessity for exercise. Don’t confine these large birds to a cramped cage, and allow a lot of time to play around the house.

Plenty of time outside of the cage will give your pet a chance to bond with you, and satisfy their playful nature.

Personality & Behavior

If you provide them with enough toys, your pet will have no trouble entertaining themselves. Their playful persona allows them to sing, play and move about even when alone. You should still provide them with enough attention and interactions, creating a deeper bond with your pet bird. These parrots are known for their intelligence and a great ability to learn new tricks. You will quickly fall in love with all their goofy and comical quirks. All in all, the Blue Fronted Amazon is a well-rounded bird, calmer than most others, and it will make a wonderful lifelong companion to a devoted owner.

Photo credit: Andrew Burgess/Shutterstock; aaltair/Shutterstock; Jana Vodickova/Shutterstock

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