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A lot of emphasis gets put on treats that help keep your dog’s teeth clean, but it is also an important consideration for your cat.

Luckily for you and your feline family member, Ark Naturals Kiss Me-ow Dental Treats help clean and strengthen your cat’s teeth with crunchy treats that are tasty and revolutionary lickables that even the most finicky felines love.

Brush Those Teeth

Your cat has some special health needs, including dental care. The new Kiss Me-ow Dental Line can step in and help take care of your cat’s oral health without the need of manually brushing your cat’s teeth with a toothbrush.

We all know that cats are very good at keeping their fur clean, but they can use our help to keep their teeth clean. Oral health is vital to a cat’s overall health, and they can suffer from many of the same ailments people get when it comes to their teeth. Along with a proper diet, using dental-cleaning treats is a great way to ensure a happy and healthy cat.

Crunchy Dental Chews

There are several different option in the new Kiss Me-ow line, all with unique dental benefits to your cat. The Kiss Me-ow Cleaning Dental Chews have a crunchy texture that reduces plaque and tartar on your cat’s teeth. It comes in either tuna or chicken flavor that your cat will love. While it has a crunchy texture to help reduce plaque and tartar, the tasty toothpaste center helps clean and polish your cat’s teeth, while also freshening their breath with daily chewing.

If you’re concerned with how strong your cat’s teeth are, there is a solution with the Kiss Me-ow Strengthening Dental Chews. These have the same benefits as the cleaning chews and come in the same cat-pleasing tuna or chicken flavors. But they also contain extra calcium for strong bones and teeth and are rich in Omega 3s.

Lickable Treats 

Ark Naturals also offers its new Kiss Me-ow Lickables, a first-of-its-kind dental cat treat. Cats really enjoy these lickable treats and you can be happy knowing that they are getting the dental care they need through the power of SHMP (sodium hexametaphosphate) to help keep their teeth clean. The Kiss Me-ow Lickables also feature taurine for added whisker to tail wellness, and Omega 3s that will help keep them “feline” fine.

A Purr-fect Deal

Want to get your kitty some delicious healthy treats? Great news, Ark Naturals Kiss Me-ow treats are on sale! From now through April 28 2024, if you buy any two Ark Naturals Kiss Me-ow Dental Chews and Lickables on, you will get a third one for 50% off. Your cat will thank you!

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