Blue and Gold Macaw

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic
fast facts

About Blue and Gold Macaw

up to 35 inches
50 to 60 years
Bird Species
Bright blue, yellow
Talking bird, Vocal
Highly Social, Affectionate, Playful, Intelligent
Comparable Breeds
African Grey Parrot, Scarlet Macaw
Blue and Gold Macaw General Info

There is no parrot with a more iconic look than the Blue and Gold Macaw. These pet birds are a popular addition to movies, cartoons, and advertisements, as their radiant and exotic looks established their reputation as remarkably beautiful birds. They are also one of the most popular pet parrots, making them readily available to purchase. Blue and Gold Macaw is an affectionate and loving bird, and with its remarkable lifespan, an excellent choice for a life-long companion pet.

With their beauty, good personalities and long lifespan, Blue and Gold Macaws are highly popular and loved as pets.

Native Region/Natural Habitat

Their natural habitat spans a vast area in the north of the South American continent, covering Venezuela, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, and Bolivia. Blue-and-Yellow Macaws were first observed and documented far back in 1758, by the famous Swedish zoologist, Linnaeus.

Blue and Gold Macaws prefer riverside woodlands and rainforests, where they always nest in dead palm trees. Although it is almost extinct in Paraguay, this beautiful parrot is still a common and thriving bird in all the other regions.

Overall Description

Blue and Gold Macaws are amongst the largest in the parrot family, reaching a length of up to 35 inches (89 centimeters), and weighing close to 3.3 lbs (1.5 kilograms). They have very long and lovely tails, and their wingspan reaches an incredible 43 inches (over 1 meter). Due to its impressive size, Blue and Gold Macaw will need a lot of room and a spacious, huge cage that is closer to an aviary. And of course, a lot of time spent outside of it as well.

Speech and Sounds

They are quite intelligent birds and eager to learn new tricks, as well as new words. Like other macaws, Blue and Gold Macaw is known as a fairly good talker, often repeating a lot of words and phrases in a clear and loud voice. Besides talking, they can sometimes be a bit noisy, signaling with their loud, distinct call.


The colors are the pride of a Blue and Gold Macaw. As the name suggests, the predominant colors are a bright, turquoise blue on their back and wings and a vibrant yellow on the belly and general underside. Other distinct details are a black chin strap, naked white face with thin black lines around the eyes, and a lime-green forehead. Everyone can easily agree that these macaws are an incredible sight. A graceful, exotic mix of tropical colors and some of the brightest and warmest tones make the Blue and Gold macaw a very striking and beautiful bird.

The Blue-and-Yellow Macaw’s beauty will leave you speechless. Their vivid and tropical colors will bring brightness to every home.

Care and Feeding

Seeds, nuts, insects, and small lizards are the basic diet of a wild macaw. As a pet, besides the special seed mixes, your Blue-and-Yellow Macaw will enjoy a variety of nutritious foods that you too will eat. Fresh fruits, vegetables, cooked chicken, rice, and beans will be a treat for them.

As their natural habitat is humid, they will need to bathe regularly to prevent dry plumage and other skin and feather issues. Offer them a shower or a large bathing dish.

Health and Common Conditions

These large birds are stout and strong, as their size implies. Their long lifespan can reach up to 60 years, and during this time these pet birds will rarely become ill. The main care is their hygiene which requires regular bathing and cleanliness. Some major alarms are apathy, drooping wings, and loss of appetite. These issues can arise due to lack of social interaction, lack of space and general neglect.

These large pet birds are known as sturdy and strong. To maintain their health, look after their hygiene and their social needs.

Personality & Behavior

Their wonderful character makes a Blue and Gold Macaw a perfect family pet. They are affectionate, playful and goofy with their tricks and mimics. This parrot has a tendency to deeply bond with its owner for a lifetime and will choose a favorite in the family. Introducing a macaw into your home is a life-long obligation. It becomes a friend, a companion and a member of the family. And remember, there’s a strong chance a Blue-and-Yellow Macaw might outlive its owner, so make sure you have a plan B in place for their lifelong care.

Photo credit: Butterfly Hunter/Shutterstock; Nature Art/Shutterstock; Natali Glado/Shutterstock

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