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Double Yellow Headed Amazon

  • Size: 17 inches
  • Lifespan: up to 80 years
  • Bird Species: Amazon Parrot
  • Colors: Green with yellow details
  • Sounds: Vocal, mimicking, talkative, chatterer
  • Interaction: Social, affectionate, energetic, playful
  • Comparable Breeds: African Grey Parrot, Military Macaw

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Meet one of the most entertaining and lively parrots in the Amazon family. The Double Yellow Headed Amazon is one of the most popular pet parrots today. They are widely loved for their very intelligent and inquisitive personality, and an incredible ability to speak and mimic. Although they can sometimes be feisty, spoiled or hard-headed, with a little patience, you will get to know and love the true nature of your pet Amazon parrot.

One of the absolute best talkers in the parrot world, these Amazons are loved for the sheer amount of fun they bring along.

These unique parrots are naturally found in parts of Central America, mostly in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras. They like to make their nests in mangroves, woodlands, and so-called riparian forests and they can be seen in small flocks or pairs. Sadly, the Double Yellow Headed Amazon is now an endangered species. Their populations have been significantly diminished by illegal activities, mostly trapping and habitat destruction.

These parrots are considered medium to large, with an average length of up to 17 inches (43 centimeters). Like most other Amazon parrots, they have a stocky, robust body and a distinct square tail, which they frequently fan out. Although not as large as macaws, for example, these birds still require a lot of space due to their size and energetic, playful behavior. As it is usually common, males and females are entirely identical.

These Amazons are amongst the best talking birds, second only to the African Grey parrots. Double Yellow Headed Amazon is prized worldwide for its ability to replicate human voice and mimic familiar sounds with precision. With their high intelligence, and clear, deep voices, these parrots are famous for their ability to memorize entire songs. From birthday tunes to operas and pop songs – you will always be amazed at these feathered, goofy singers.

They are pretty similar to other closely related Amazon breeds but with a few distinct and unique features. The body is almost entirely colored in a tropical, toned down green. On the very top of the wings, there is a patch of yellow and red feathers, and the little thighs are yellow as well. The main difference is in the head color. As the name Double Yellow Headed Amazon suggests, the entire head is colored in a bright yellow, giving it a simple but still unique and lovely look.

Simple colors can still make a pretty bird. What these parrots lack in exotic colors, they make up with silly behavior.

In the wild, these parrots enjoy a diet of seeds, nuts, fruits and leafy vegetation. As a pet, Double Yellow Headed Amazon will love the common seed and pellet based mixes for Amazon parrots. Just don’t forget to add fresh fruits and green vegetables to their diet. This will balance it out and add the all essential vitamins and proteins. As a good source of calcium, a cuttlebone is an excellent choice to add. It also helps them keep their beak trimmed and prevents them chewing household items.

The Double Yellow Headed Amazon is healthy and tough, thanks to their robust build and adaptable nature. To keep them in prime condition, make sure to pay particular attention to the hygiene and exercise. Regular baths and cleaning will ensure no feather plucking happens. The cage must be large and spacious, with enough toys, and a lot of time outside of it as well. Large birds with a lot of energy need to move freely. This prevents apathy and loneliness and with that – illness.

To keep them happy and healthy, give your Double Yellow Headed Amazon a lot of interaction, exercise, and love.

There are a lot of interesting aspects to these Amazons. Some patience will be required as you get to know them all. Most of the time, they are naturally inquisitive and playful parrots, with a great love for talking and singing. They often create deep bonds with individual family members, and these can last for life. This is especially important when their lifespan is considered – these parrots can reach up to 80 years of age! Paired with their goofy, lovable behavior, this makes Double Yellow Headed Amazon an excellent choice for a companion bird.

Photo credit: LifetimeStock/Shutterstock; Eric Isselee/Shutterstock

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