Double Yellow Headed Amazon

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About Double Yellow Headed Amazon

15 inches
60 years
Bird Species
Amazon Parrot
Vocal, Loud, Mimics, Talkative, Singing
Social, Fun, Friendly, Cuddly, Affectionate, Playful
Comparable Breeds
Yellow Crowned Amazon, Mealy Amazon
Double Yellow Headed Amazon General Info

Amazon parrots are some of the world’s favorite pets, thanks to their wonderful and entertaining traits. But the Double Yellow Headed Amazon is much more than just an excellent pet parrot. It is often a lifelong companion and can be a feathery friend to generations in your family. And when you consider their remarkable talent for talking and singing, you’ll have yourself a ton of fun. With a lifespan of 60 years, your pet will be with you for quite a while, so be prepared for a lot of commitment. But in return for your care, you’ll have a fun, affectionate member of the family.

Did you know that the Amazon parrots are great talkers and even better singers? They often learn entire songs and sing along merrily.

Native Region/Natural Habitat

One of the iconic parrots of the Central American rainforests, the Double Yellow Headed Amazon is found in a medium-sized region that includes parts of Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Northern Honduras, and Tres Marias Islands. They live in dense forest galleries, savannah woodlands, mangroves, and coastal swamp forests. Sadly, these parrots are an endangered species, with their populations in most regions reduced by as much as 90%. Due to heavy illegal trapping and massive destruction of habitat, there are now less than 7000 of these birds in the wild. A lot of projects have been started to help preserve these wonderful parrots.

Overall Description

Sharing most of the common physical traits with the other Amazon parrot breeds, these birds are often mixed up with the closely related Yellow Crowned and Yellow Naped Amazons. But with a bit of attention to details, you can easily find the differences and recognize Double Yellow Headed Amazon without much trouble. The adults reach an average length of 15 inches (38 centimeters) and can weigh around 1.1 pounds (500 grams). Needless to say, these are robust and bulky parrots and will require a lot of room and exercise. Amazons are well known for their tendency to suffer from obesity, if not cared for properly and fed a balanced diet. This is an important thing to keep in mind.

Speech and Sounds

Double Yellow Headed Amazon is at the very top when it comes to talking abilities. This makes them a popular and loved pet worldwide, and a source of a lot of fun. With a bit of training and vocal stimulation, your pet will easily pick up words and moderately complex sentences, repeating them in a clear and sometimes silly voice. They also have a good ability to sing. If they hear a song a few times, they can quickly get a hang of it and repeat the lyrics, or whistle the melody. Their knack for melodies, pitch, and song structures can be very surprising. The time you spend with your pet as you teach it new songs can be a great bonding experience and a wonderful pastime for both the owner and the pet. Still, their vocal nature makes them best suited for a house environment.


Most Amazon breeds are relatively simple in their coloration, but still have a lovely look overall. The Double Yellow Headed Amazon fits this description, but with a few distinct features that give it a special charm. The body is entirely tropical green, with darker shades on the wings and back. There are few orange-red patches on the shoulders and tips of the flight feathers. The thighs are yellow, as well as the front part of their head. This feature gives them their name. Although these patterns and combinations are simple and few, these parrots can still look charming and beautiful.

Be careful not to confuse your pet with a Yellow Naped or a Yellow Crowned Amazon. They can be quite similar.

Care and Feeding

In the wild, these parrots thrive on a balanced and select diet of fruits, insects, blossoms, seeds, and crops. As a pet, they will need a balanced diet rich in protein and vitamins, but with a lot of care to avoid obesity. Begin with a commercial seed mix and supplement it with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, like apples, pears, oranges, cabbage, carrots and similar. These should make up for around 30% or more of their diet. With a good and balanced diet which provides all the nutrients and vitamins, your Double Yellow Headed Amazon will be healthy and happy.

Health and Common Conditions

Robust and bulky, the Double Yellow Headed Amazon parrot is a durable and healthy breed. With good care and plenty of attention to hygiene, diet, exercise and social interaction, your pet should thrive and be happy. Try not to neglect any of these aspects and devote a portion of your day to cover your pet’s needs. That’s the right way to ensure a thriving parrot. With good care, they can live up to 60 years, which makes them a great companion pet.

Providing the four pillars of a healthy parrot – hygiene, exercise, diet, and affection – will ensure your pet is healthy and has all that it needs.

Personality & Behavior

Talking and singing abilities are not the only reasons for the popularity of the Double Yellow Headed Amazon. They are also full of lovable traits and silly personality quirks that make every owner fall in love with their pet. In general, they are an intelligent and fun pet and they love to show off their talents and their vibrant personality. With a good mix of fun and affectionate aspects, they will find a place in every home and in every owner’s heart.

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