Rainbow Lory

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fast facts

About Rainbow Lory

12 inches
20+ years
Bird Species
Lory (Lorikeet)
Combo of green, blue, & orange
Vocal, Mimics, Natural calls
Social, Playful, Fun, Affectionate, Energetic
Comparable Breeds
Eclectus Parrot, Hawk-Headed Parrot
Rainbow Lory General Info

Rainbow lories are certainly one of the rarer sights in aviculture- and they are certainly among the showiest and most unique pet birds out there. These playful and energetic Australian parrots have a lot of distinct traits in their behavior and personality, which makes their popularity as pets steadily rising. Let’s meet these colorful and playful birds.

These unique parrots are loved for their striking appearance and great personality both.

Native Region/Natural Habitat

The native home of rainforests, coastal woodlands, and sparse brush land is found primarily in parts of Australia. From the north, in Queensland, all the way to South Australia, Rainbow Lory can be often seen in the wild, as these are one of the continent’s most common parrots. Several populations have been artificially introduced with great success – in Perth, Tasmania, Western Australia and New Zealand. This helped establish stable numbers of lories in the wild.

Overall Description

These parrots are generally considered of a medium size, with several distinct traits common in the lory family. The adults reach an average length of up to 12 inches (30 centimeters) and have long tail feathers and relatively short wings. The weight can vary, but it’s usually about 5 to 6 ounces (150-170 grams). Although males and females might appear identical at a first glance, there are a few details that set them apart, seen on closer inspection.

Speech and Sounds

In the wild, these parrots are notorious for their collective noise when in flocks – a part of their natural communication. Luckily, as these are solitary birds who don’t need a feathery friend, the noise level will be substantially lower. Rainbow Lory has a variety of natural calls which are all moderate in their intensity and consist of distinct chirps and vocal expressions. They also possess a humble ability to talk. Repeating commonly heard words in their funny voices is a certain charmer.


The most unusual and magnificent feature of these birds are their colorful feathers. The plumage of the Rainbow Lory, as the name suggests, is so bright and vivid, so overflowing with various colors and shades, that it is absolutely certain to leave you speechless. The head is almost entirely purple, with hints of blue and black throughout. The back of the neck is bright yellowish green, just like the wings and back. The chest is a fiery mix of bright orange in the center and yellow on the sides, mixed in a unique pattern resembling an artistic flame. The belly is also purple, and in flight, the underside of the wings shows rainbow patterns of red, green and yellow. This astonishing mix of colors and surreal patterns is a showstopper. Rainbow lories are stunning!

A mix of colors so vivid and bright is rare in the parrot world. You won’t take your eyes off your pet.

Care and Feeding

Various fruits, pollen, seeds, nectar, and crops make the basis of their diet in the wild. As they are common, they are often considered to be a pest, due to their appetite for fruits and agricultural seeds and crops.

As pets, they can enjoy a carefully prepared seed based mix for lories and lorikeets. These can be found in most quality pet shops.

Health and Common Conditions

With their size and robust build, these parrots are certainly hardy and healthy birds. With enough care and attention, they will live out their lifespan of 20 and more years without much trouble. Some of the issues that affect them the most are social and physical neglect, bad hygiene and extreme conditions. Ensure enough play time, a balanced diet, and regular bathing to ensure an optimum health.

Rainbow lories are hardy birds and easily adapt to household conditions. Treat them well and troubles will be at bay.

Personality & Behavior

Rainbow lories are very energetic birds. They are one of those breeds that simply love to play, so a plenty of different toys is a good investment. They are also social, and you’ll have to give them a lot of interaction. In general, these lories are an entertaining breed with a natural tendency to goof off and jump around the house. This doesn’t mean they aren’t an affectionate or lovable breed. On the contrary – Rainbow Lory will adore an occasional cuddle or a scratch, so don’t hesitate to handle them. With their lifespan of 20 years or more, you are looking at a long time friend and entertainer.

Photo credit: KateChris/Shutterstock; sompreaw/Shutterstock; Marvin Minder/Shutterstock

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