Sunset Lorikeet

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic
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About Sunset Lorikeet

10 inches
15-25 years
Bird Species
Various colors
Vocal, Noisy, Mimics, Loud
Social, Clown, Goofy, Energetic, Playful, Friendly, Fun
Comparable Breeds
Rainbow Lorikeet, Double Yellow Headed Amazon
Sunset Lorikeet General Info

The Sunset Lorikeet is the real clown of the parrot world, just like most of their Lory relatives. Their goofy, energetic behavior and a love for all kinds of tricks make them endlessly fun and entertaining. And on top of it all, their goofy nature is complemented by a vivacious and colorful appearance. But besides all the fun and positivity, these parrots can be very sweet companions, with their tendency to bond with the owner and show their affectionate nature. All in all, these colorful parrots make good pets, standing shoulder to shoulder with their cousins Rainbow Lories, already so popular on the pet market.

Also called Forsten’s Lorikeet, this breed is known for its adorable goofy behavior and lovely plumage.

Native Region/Natural Habitat

The native home for these parrots is found in several of Indonesia’s many islands. These include Bali, Sumbawa, Lombok, and others. Sadly, this is a vulnerable species, threatened and diminished by habitat loss and illegal capture for the pet markets. Today, there are around 10,000 birds remaining in the wilderness. They live in a variety of habitats, mostly in forests, coconut plantations, savannahs, and mangroves.

Overall Description

The Lorikeet family shares some very unique traits, and their looks are distinct and easy to recognize. And even in this lovely colorful family, the Sunset Lorikeet is among the showiest and prettiest breeds. The adults reach an average length of 10 inches (26 centimeters) and will weigh up to 6 ounces (160 grams). These are generally robust and strongly built birds, with the unique beak and a hair-covered tongue, specially evolved for their nectar-based diet.

Speech and Sounds

These exotic parrots can be very loud at times. When they get excited, you will notice their shrill natural calls. This vocal chattering can get repetitive, making them unsuitable choice for all owners that live in apartments. This all stems from their behavior in the wild, as flocks of Sunset Lorikeet birds tend to get quite vocal. As pets, these parrots might learn to repeat a few words or mimic commonly heard sounds. While they can do this on their own, a bit of patient training can help achieve faster results. Just talk to your pet!


The flamboyance of the Sunset Lorikeet is what helps set them apart from all their cousins. The wings and back are dark, tropical green, stretching over the tail as well. Their belly is very dark black-blue, with the reddish-orange right above on the chest. The front of the face is black with streaks of blue, and the nape is bright yellow. The back of the neck is dark green. This unusual combinations of exotic colors is a remarkable sight- the plumage of a Sunset Lorikeet leaves no one indifferent.

Both sexes are identical, making for a hard identification.

Care and Feeding

These parrots are a primarily nectar-feeding breed in the wild, with some seeds, fruits and insects included as well. That’s why you should focus on a commercial, specially formulated nectar for your pet’s diet. Supplement it with plenty of fruits, and you should achieve a good start for a balanced and healthy diet.

Another big aspect of proper care is having freedom of movement. The Sunset Lorikeet has a lot of energy and loves to fly about. Invest in some toys, perches, and swings, allowing them to play and exercise, spending that energy in a good way.

Health and Common Conditions

Sunset Lorikeet is a hardy and strong parrot. As pets, they achieve a lifespan of up to 25 years, if their needs are met. You will need to provide constant care and attention, starting from the diet, all the way to exercise and social interaction. Having a pet parrot ties in a lot of commitment, so keep it in mind if you want to get one.

Sunset Lorikeet usually gets along well with other birds. Some of them are real Instagram stars, sharing their living space with Budgies, Conures, and Amazons.

Personality & Behavior

Generally friendly and fun parrots, the Sunset Lorikeet will fit right in with most families. Their clownish, playful nature is bound to charm you from the get-go. They love tricks, dances and play fights. Sunset Lorikeet also has a tendency to respond well to music, doing a little dance each time the mood of the song gets to them. All in all, these goofs make good pets for seniors, singles, and families, although they can be a bit too noisy for an apartment.

Photo credit: Jeff Kubina/Wikimedia Commons; Ted/Wikimedia Commons

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