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About Rose Ringed Parakeet

16 inches
40 years
Bird Species
Vocal, Natural Calls, Mimics, Talkative, Noisy
Social, Fun, Friendly, Cuddly, Affectionate, Playful, Energetic
Comparable Breeds
Alexandrine Parakeet, Senegal Parrot
Rose Ringed Parakeet General Info

One of the world’s most populous and widespread parrot species, the Rose Ringed Parakeet is an easily recognizable parrot and one of the oldest kept as pets. They were loved by the Ancient Romans and Greeks, and their popularity hasn’t decreased even today. With a variety of great aspects, ease of caring and a wonderful personality, these parakeets will easily charm ever owner. Rose Ringed Parakeet is a real spark of positive energy and will brighten up every home with their cute tricks, cuddly surprises, and lovable traits. For many, these birds are the perfect pet parrots. Let’s find out why!

Did you know that Rose Ringed Parakeet easily adapted to life in many of the world’s biggest cities? Wild populations can be seen even in London.

Native Region/Natural Habitat

These parrots live in one of the largest areas, which makes them unique in the parrot world. This wide range separates this species into two slightly different breeds – the Indian and the African. Their habitats include countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Burma, and in Africa – Senegal, Sudan, Uganda, Egypt, and many others. But that’s not all – they have been introduced into many of the big cities around the world. Escaped birds created small colonies and thriving populations. They are a common sight in Britain, Belgium, France, Japan, and Germany.

Overall Description

Most breeds of closely related parakeets share the same physical traits, differing only in their coloring. With its distinct features and patterns, the Rose Ringed Parakeet is easy to recognize and it stands apart as one of the most popular parrot breeds. The adults reach an average length of 16 inches (40 centimeters) and can weigh about 5 ounces (150 grams). Remember that parakeets have exceptionally long tail feathers. This, and their large wingspan will require a large and roomy cage or even an aviary. You need to ensure plenty of free room and exercise.

Speech and Sounds

Rose Ringed Parakeet is quite vocal and loves to express itself with natural calls. Luckily, these calls are not often piercing or intolerable – they consist of distinct high pitched calls and shrieks, which are often repeated. You’ll be surprised to hear a few simple words repeated by your pet. In general, they are quite skilled at talking. This is common for this species, and they will often pick up commonly repeated words. They mimic these in a unique, silly voice that gives them a particular comical charm. Still, a Rose Ringed Parakeet is a pet that is best suited for a house setting.


Rose Ringed Parakeet definitely has a memorable and distinct appearance. Its colorful plumage consists of beautifully paired tropic hues. The body is mostly light green, with darker shades on the wings and back. The forehead is an almost neon green. A unique feature of male parrots is the thin black line between the eyes and a wider black band around their neck and chin. The females have no neck rings and are easily recognized because of this. With a unique and contrasting bright red beak, they look truly stunning. In general, this is a lovely parrot that boasts a pretty combination of contrasting colors and cute tiny details. Without a doubt, the Rose Ringed Parakeet is a parrot you’ll fall in love with- at first sight.

Remember that males have much more details on the head than the females. This sets them apart and makes the differences obvious.

Care and Feeding

Their wilderness diet is limited and consists mainly of grass seeds, small fruits, and berries, insects, and crops. For a pet parakeet, you want to imitate this with a commercial small seed mix that includes all the important contents such as millet, maize, spray, canary seeds and similar. They will also love some finely chopped fresh fruits and vegetables, which also act as a source of much-needed vitamins. Since cleanliness is a big priority, a shower, a spraying bottle or a small bathing dish is a good choice and will work fine and keep the hygiene in order.

Health and Common Conditions

Being slender and graceful, you’d think that these parakeets are fragile and sensitive. But the truth is far from this. Naturally, they live in some of Africa’s and India’s most inhospitable and arid regions, such as the cold Himalayan hills. This makes them very tough and they adapted easily to most of the world’s surroundings. With enough of your good care and attention, your Rose Ringed Parakeet will thrive and live up to 40 years or more. While this doesn’t make them quite a lifelong companion, they can still be with you for a better part of your life. They are also great as family pets, with their wonderful personality and a solid lifespan.

As this parrot thrives in the inhospitable hills of Himalayas in Nepal, there’s not much that will threaten its hardy health.

Personality & Behavior

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a bird this popular has so many wonderful qualities and different aspects in its personality. When housed with other birds, they will show their brave and bold side, often being stubborn and territorial – keep this in mind if you have other feathery pets. But when they are a solitary pet, you will find Rose Ringed Parakeet to be fun, energetic, silly and very cuddly. There’s a reason they’re loved all over the world, after all. But one thing is certain – every parakeet owner has fallen prey to their overwhelming charm and their iconic cuteness. Maybe you’re the next one!

Photo credit: Robert Ross/Shutterstock

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