A Xmas Miracle: Shelter Empty for the First Time in Nearly 50 Years

Nevena Nacic
by Nevena Nacic

It was a very merry Christmas for a Pennsylvania shelter whose kennels were empty for the first time in nearly 50 years. 

Just two weeks ago, the shelter was packed with cats and dogs. However, the staff and volunteers have been working around the clock to make sure the animals in their care got adopted into loving homes. 

The Adams County SPCA is overjoyed that the shelter is empty, especially during the holidays.

This is the first time in 47 years that the Adams County SPCA is empty let alone on Christmas time, it is a true miracle!” the shelter wrote on Facebook

“To say that we are beyond excited is an understatement! The staff and volunteers have worked very hard to take care of the animals in our care and to make sure they got adopted into the right home.”

The organization had a busy year, taking care of 598 animals before adopting them into furever homes. The hardworking staff and volunteers also reunited 125 stay animals with their owners this year alone.

Adams County SPCA kennel technician Tanya Hays said that in the last two weeks, the shelter found homes for 20 animals, either as adoptions or strays returned to their owners.

We had to get them all spayed and neutered, vaccinated, and tested for heartworms and thick-born illnesses while also processing a lot of (adoption) applications, so the staff worked really hard,” said Hays to TODAY.

It was pretty cool. It was quite a feat,” she added.

The organization took to Facebook to thank their community. “Our community stepped up once again! We thank everyone for their continued support and look forward to new adventures in 2024!”

Although it may seem like people are more motivated to adopt animals during the holidays, the shelter actually discourages people from giving pets as gifts because these animals are more likely to be returned to the shelter weeks later. 

While the staff and volunteers celebrated everything they achieved this year, they are already ready to get back to work. 

We will be pulling animals from other shelters in Pennsylvania next week in hopes of relieving some of their stress,” the shelter shared. “Right now we are going to enjoy this accomplishment!”

In a follow-up post, the organization shared that it has “received an overwhelming response” from different shelters across the country and also from Canada and Mexico. Members of the public have also reached out asking them to take in abandoned animals. 

Even though our hearts break for them and the situation they are in we need to help the members of our community first,” the organization said. 

The Adams County SPCA is only taking animals from overwhelmed shelters in Pennsylvania and animals surrendered by residents within the county as well as those living in surrounding counties. 

We are going to do the best we can to help as many animals and people we can.” 

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Nevena Nacic
Nevena Nacic

Nevena is a freelance writer and a proud mom of Teo, a 17-year-old poodle, and Bob, a rescued grey tabby cat. Since childhood, she had a habit of picking up strays and bringing them home (luckily, her parents didn't know how to say NO). When she's not writing for her fellow pet parents, Nevena can be found watching Teo sleep. To her defense, that's not as creepy as it sounds!

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