Solomon Island Parrot

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fast facts

About Solomon Island Parrot

14 inches
up to 40 years
Bird Species
Green; Red/Purple
Vocal, Mimics, Natural Calls, Noisy
Social, Calm, Fun, Friendly, Cuddly, Docile
Comparable Breeds
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo, Mitred Conure
Solomon Island Parrot General Info

The Eclectus parrots are some of the most awe-inspiring parrots today. After all, it’s not every day you see such vivid and exotic colors on a bird! One of the most prominent breeds in this species is the Solomon Island parrot. These vibrant and friendly parrots make great pets, as their beautiful looks are complemented by an even lovelier character. Highly popular in aviculture, Solomon Island Parrot quickly rose to be one of the world’s most popular and recognizable pet parrots.

You will certainly be charmed by the incredible looks of the Solomon Island parrot. And as an added bonus, you will love their friendly and fun personality.

Native Region/Natural Habitat

One of the iconic sights of the Oceania region, these parrots are living proof of all the exotic species in this region. They are also one of the oldest species of parrots, being present for around 10,000 years. They inhabit the Solomon Islands, as the name suggests, but also the nearby islands of New Guinea and Sumba, as well as the Maluku islands and northern Australia. Their populations are mostly stable, but in a few areas, they are totally displaced and nearly non-existent. The biggest reason behind this is extensive logging and clearing of primordial forests.

Overall Description

One of the smallest subspecies of the Eclectus parrots, Solomon Island parrot doesn’t differ much from the nominate breed. But still, with a few key details to set them apart, they have been recognized as unique and no less impressive. The adults reach an average length of 14 inches (35 centimeters) and can weigh about a pound (440 grams). They have one of the most prominent differences between males and females ever recorded in parrots. Most of these differences are color related and there can be no mistaking which bird is male and which is female.

Speech and Sounds

Eclectus parrots are on the middle ground when it comes to noise. Due to its docile personality, Solomon Island parrot might be quiet at times, but when the loud and piercing natural call comes into play, you will surely take notice. Even though this is tolerable and not too obtrusive, you should still consider this fact if you live in an apartment. Solomon Island parrots is not a born talker, but with a bit of patient training they will pick up a few words to repeat. They can also become good mimics, with common sounds being their favorite repertoire.


The biggest pride of Solomon Island parrot and an undeniable eye-catcher is its exotic and vibrant plumage. The males and females are also completely different in color, so in a sense, it’s two breeds in one. The males are entirely colored in a bright, tropical green of an almost neon shade. Their unique smooth and rounded beaks are bright yellow, creating a visible difference. The lower edge of the wings is mixed with bright blue tones, while the wingtips are yellow. The females, on the other hand, are red and purple. Both of these colors are very bright and vibrant. The chest and lower body are purple, while the rest of the body is red. Wings have a darker, crimson shade and their beaks are black. The underside of the tail is yellow. These incredible colors are a unique and beautiful sight and will leave no one uninspired.

Eclectus parrots display the most prominent sexual differences in the entire parrot world.

Care and Feeding

In the wild, their diet is varied and is mostly centered on various fruits, like mangos, papaya, bananas, apples, guavas, and various other exotic fruits. Solomon Island parrot will thrive on a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, seeds, spray millet and nuts. If these parrots do not receive enough vitamins and minerals, they can develop a condition of muscle spasms which, while not dangerous, can cause some discomfort. That’s why you should always aim for a high quality and a well-researched diet with your pet Eclectus.

Health and Common Conditions

These parrots are quite robust and in general quite healthy and enduring. With enough good care and plenty of attention, they can live up to 40 years. But if neglected, Solomon Island parrot is prone to a few conditions, like feather plucking, which is dangerous and difficult to remedy once it sets in. This is why good care and hygiene are important, but most importantly social interaction. A lonely and neglected bird is most vulnerable to these conditions.

Solomon Island parrot is docile and friendly. These birds are unique for their slow and calm reactions-even when faced with new and exciting things.

Personality & Behavior

These birds are one of the more unique pet parrots, and they have a variety of very interesting traits. Owning one of these parrots will take some getting used to, so allow some time to meet your new pet completely and get familiar with its personality. In general, Solomon Island parrot is calm and docile, friendly bird that is not overly energetic. A few perches and toys will go a long way with them, as well as an occasional cuddle and a playful handling. With a moderately long lifespan, an affectionate, fun and laid-back personality, relatively low noise levels and beautiful looks, we can all agree that Solomon Island Parrot makes a wonderful pet.

Photo credit: fivespots/Shutterstock; Wang LiQiang/Shutterstock; Redchanka/Shutterstock

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