White Bellied Caique

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic
fast facts

About White Bellied Caique

9 inches
30-40 years
Bird Species
White; Green & Yellow details
Vocal, Noisy, Natural calls
Social, Mischievous, Energetic, Affectionate, Cuddly
Comparable Breeds
Sun Conure, Umbrella Cockatoo
White Bellied Caique General Info

Getting a White Bellied Caique is like stepping into a world of absolute silliness. These cute little parrots are the main clowns in the entire parrot world. With their goofy, affectionate and playful nature, they capture the hearts of owners worldwide.

If you’re looking for a pet parrot that is lively and energetic, fun, loves tricks, a pet that will bring a whirlwind of amusement to your home- then a White bellied caique should be a number one choice.

These goofy little caiques are number one clowns in the parrot world. With them, there’s no end to silly tricks and cuteness.

Native Region/Natural Habitat

The natural home of these parrots is found in South America. It is mainly centered around the upper part of the Amazon river, in Brazil. In these humid, tropical forests they prefer to nest high in the canopies or in the holes in the trees. Even though it is common in captivity, it is still proclaimed as an endangered species in the wild. The leading cause of this is the destruction of habitat, poaching, and illegal smuggling.

Overall Description

These parrots are considered small, with an average size reaching up to 9 inches (23 centimeters) in length. With a short little tail and a robust, chubby body, they definitely have that goofy, cute look. They share a lot of details with the other, closely related caique breeds, and one of these are the distinct “ruffled” feathers on the breast, giving them their name.

Speech and Sounds

Just like most other caiques, these birds are not the best talkers. Most of the time they rely on their natural calls to express themselves. Whether happy, frightened or merely looking for attention, these little parrots will give out their shrill, high pitched tweets and whistles. So to avoid those higher levels of noise, make sure your pet is getting enough of attention and free space, and that it’s in general – a happy parrot.


White bellied caiques are quite a little bundle of fluff. With those ruffled chest feathers and a variety of vibrant tropical colors, they are without a doubt cute and pretty birds. The head is two-colored, with the upper half light orange and the lower half and the cheeks bright yellow. The wings, thighs, and back are bright, vibrant green while the chest and belly are white – as the name suggests. The younger birds often show some darker details, until the bright colors come about with age. The unique mix of these striking colors is definitely an incredible sight.

Beautiful combination of these warm and bright colors is undoubtedly one of nature’s finer works – these little caiques are simply stunning.

Care and Feeding

To achieve a filling and balanced diet you can begin with a regular commercial seed mix that is made for caiques. This contains all the millet, sunflower and other seeds with all the essential nutrients. You can also offer your pet some fresh fruits and green veggies as well. Caiques are full of energy. To satisfy their need for movement and exercise, you should ensure a lot of room. But make sure you keep an eye out – these little mischievous goofs simply love to crawl up forbidden places and explore as much as they can around the house.

Health and Common Conditions

Don’t get the wrong impression – even though they are small, the White Bellied Caique are quite the hardy birds. But due to their energetic nature and the love to get in all kinds of trouble, you will need to give them extra attention to ensure they are safe and healthy. Also make sure to eliminate all excess draft, damp and extreme temperatures as well. Good hygiene is also a priority – offer regular baths and don’t neglect their cleanliness.

Don’t be fooled by their size – these chubby little parrots are really hardy and strong.

Personality & Behavior

The personality of the White Bellied Caique is influenced by their high levels of energy. They love to move about, explore, play and learn new tricks. Keep in mind that if they have no toys, they won’t hesitate to find their own somewhere in the house. But once you are past all the energy and goofing off, you’ll see a cute, friendly and affectionate parrot that is always willing to cuddle and get his scratches. There’s no doubt about it – the White Bellied Caique brings tons of fun and laughter, and it is the perfect addition to every family.

Photo credit: Lindsey Eltinge/BigStock; Be3N/Wikimedia Commons; Pionetes/Wikimedia Commons

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