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As the sun starts shining brighter and the days get warmer, it's the perfect time to plan some outdoor adventures with your furry companions! Whether you're hitting the slopes, swinging on the golf course, or just soaking up the sunshine on a hiking trail with your loyal sidekick by your side, it's important to ensure your pet is well-protected – and that's where PetMeds steps in to lend a helping paw.

One of the biggest concerns for pet owners as the seasons change is dealing with those pesky fleas and ticks. These tiny troublemakers not only make your pet itch and scratch, but can also bring some serious health risks along for the ride. From annoying skin irritations to more severe conditions like anemia, dermatitis, Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, fleas and ticks can cause real problems for our furry friends. And let's not forget the headache of dealing with a full-blown flea infestation in your home – it's a nightmare! But fear not, because PetMeds has all the tools you need to keep your pet safe and happy.

To tackle this challenge, PetMeds offers a wide range of highly effective flea and tick prevention products, including NexGard, Seresto collars, Simparica Trio for dogs, and Revolution Plus for our feline companions. These products are specially formulated to zap fleas and ticks on contact, stopping infestations in their tracks and shielding your pet from all kinds of nasty diseases.

But fleas and ticks aren't the only villains lurking in the shadows. With warmer weather comes an increase in mosquito activity, and that means the risk of heartworm disease skyrockets. Heartworm disease is a potentially deadly condition transmitted by infected mosquitoes. Once those pesky parasites make their way into your pet's system, they can wreak havoc on their heart, lungs, and other vital organs, leading to serious health issues. Needless to say, protecting your pet from these heart-wrenching parasites is a top priority!

Thankfully, PetMeds has you covered with a variety of heartworm prevention products, including Heartgard Plus and Trifexis. These monthly medications are a breeze to administer and are incredibly effective at keeping heartworms at bay. By staying on top of your pet's heartworm prevention, you can give them the gift of year-round protection and ensure peace of mind for yourself.

So as you gear up for some fun in the sun, don't forget to arm your pet with the best defense against fleas, ticks, and heartworms with PetMeds. Your furry friend will thank you with plenty of tail wags, purrs, and maybe even a slobbery kiss or two!

Why PetMeds?

With over 28 years of dedicated service and a commitment to excellence, PetMeds has become the go-to online pharmacy for millions of pet parents across the United States. They carry the same U.S. FDA/EPA-approved medications your vet sells, so you can trust that they're safe and effective. But what makes them stand out is not just the fact that they have an impressive stock of everything from medications and supplements to food and supplies for dogs, cats, and even horses, but their customer service. With the largest number of veterinary pharmacists in the world, you can count on employees at PetMeds to take care of possible drug interactions, ensure the accuracy of your pet’s prescriptions, double-check expiration dates, and even suggest generic alternatives for certain medications to help you save money.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, they currently have an amazing offer on prevention for fleas, ticks, and heartworms You can get 35% off your first AutoShip order using code SAVE35 in the cart – shop now to grab this sweet deal!

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