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fast facts

About Nebelung

5.5-16 lb
Long, graceful body
11-16 years
Best Suited For
Families with older children, the elderly, anyone wanting a lap cat
Gentle, affectionate, loving, shy
Comparable Breeds
Korat, LaPerm
8-10 inches
Nebelung Breed History

The Nebelung breed (or Niebelung according to the World Cat Federation) was developed in the 1980s. The goal was to recreate the look of long-haired Russian cats that were popular in Victorian times. Opera lover Cora Cobb of Denver, Colorado recognized the unique qualities of her two blue-grey cats, Siegfried and Brunhilde. Their father was a blue cat with long-hair that resembled an Angora. The mother, Elsa, was a black domestic shorthair. Siegfried and Brunhilde came from different litters, and were used as the foundation pair for the breed. They looked like Russian Blues, but had beautiful long coats. Cobb set out to perfect the trait. The line received new breed status from The International Cat Foundation in 1987, and was accepted for Championship status in 1997. The two original cats, and the breed itself were all named for the Wagner opera, “The Ring of the Niebelung.”

The lively and affectionate Nebelung is both intelligent and good natured.

Breed Traits

The lively and affectionate Nebelung is both intelligent and good natured. Although playful, these are mild mannered cats with a gentle disposition. They can be very shy around people they don’t know, but with their owners, they are unfailingly loyal and affectionate. It is common for a Nebelung to attentively follow its human around the house. These cats supervise, but they rarely have much to say, and when they do speak, it’s very softly. A Nebelung is a constant and pleasant companion, but not intrusive or demanding. They will not do well in households with a lot of sudden noises. When startled, a Nebelung becomes something of a gray ghost, and will disappear to parts unknown until it’s sure the coast is clear.

Overall Description

The Nebelung is a long, graceful cat in every sense of the word. It’s neck, body, legs, tail, and coat are all long. The vivid green to yellow eyes are slightly oval and decidedly compelling. Large ears top the moderately wedge-shaped head of this sturdy and handsome cat. Well-muscled and strong, the Nebelung is a perfect mix of form and function. Its luxurious blue coat is fine and silky, with elegant silver tipping. Females are heavily ruffed, but males less so. The Nebelung’s tail fur is longer than the hair on his body, he sports fancy pantaloons, and his ears are tufted. It takes a full two years for all that embellished hair to grow out to the right proportions.


Nebelungs are lovely blue-gray cats with some silver tipping around the face and paws. Their coats are medium to long and flow beautifully with the line of the cat’s body.

Grooming Requirements

Like all long-haired cats, the Nebelung must be brushed and combed on a daily basis to remove dead hair from the coat. This prevents matts and tangles, and helps to distribute natural oils through the fur. The Nebelung’s disposition is fortunately quite good, and they are not difficult cats to groom since they enjoy spending time with their humans.

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Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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