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fast facts

About Serengeti

8-15 lb
Medium build, long legs
10 years
Best Suited For
Any cat loving family, including those with kids and other pets
Friendly, social, playful, talkative
Comparable Breeds
Bengal, Savannah
8-10 inches
Serengeti Breed History

The first Serengeti cat was bred by Karen Sausman, who owns the Kingsmark Cattery in California. This conservation biologist wanted to create a new domestic cat breed that would appear much like the gorgeous African Serval, which is a wild cat.

Even though this breed is similar to the Savannah breed, it has no wild Serval blood in its lineage. Instead, these cats were developed by crossing Oriental Shorthairs with Bengals, giving them a wild appearance without the wild tendencies.

The Serengeti cat looks much like the gorgeous African Serval.

Breed Traits

These cats make wonderful family pets because they can get along with just about everyone. They are friendly and self-assured and will happily interact with humans of all ages, as well as other cats and pets.

Serengeti cats may be a little shy at first when they are introduced to a new environment and new people, but once they get used to you, they will always want to be around you.

This breed is known for its high level of energy and extreme agility. Don’t be surprised if your Serengeti loves to jump onto the highest places around the house, or go running from one room to the next as fast as possible.

Another cute feature of this breed is the fact that these cats tend be quite vocal, so they will love talking to you whenever they can.

Overall Description

The Serengeti is a medium boned kitty who is also an incredible jumper, able to jump up to 7 feet into the air. This skill is possible thanks to its long legs, which are the longest of any domesticated cat breed.

In addition to this breed’s long legs, these cats also have large ears that make the rest of the head seem quite small. The ears are rounded at the tip and sit upright, so these kitties always look like they are on high alert.

The bold spotted pattern of the coat of the Serengeti is also a distinctive feature that makes it appear quite exotic and wild. And because the shafts of the fur are translucent, these cats almost appear to shimmer from a distance.

The eyes, which are beautiful and round, are typically amber or gold.


The coat on a Serengeti kitty has a distinct silky texture because it is short and tight. In terms of colors, these cats are typically golden or yellow with a pattern that features widely spaced, distinct black spots like those of a leopard. However, you can also find these cats in solid black, as well as gray with black spots or white silver with black spots.

Grooming Requirements

Grooming is easy with the Serengeti, as it is a short haired breed. In addition to the typical grooming routine of any cat, such as trimming the claws, cleaning the ears, and brushing the teeth, only an occasional brushing is really required. These cats will keep themselves clean to ensure their fur is always lustrous and soft.

Photo credit: geeekachai/Flickr

Lisa Selvaggio
Lisa Selvaggio

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