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fast facts

About Affenshire

8-11 inches
5-12 lbs
12-15 years
Not applicable
Best Suited For
Singles, seniors, families with older children, people who live in an apartment
Affectionate, lively, curious, spunky, stubborn, energetic, cuddly, affectionate
Comparable Breeds
Yorkshire Terrier, Affenpinscher
Affenshire Basics

A silly, charming pooch with memorable looks- that’s the Affenshire for you. These adorable scruffy dogs have unusual and unique looks, paired with a friendly, affectionate temperament. Their petite size also makes them very popular, especially with apartment dwellers and pet owners who like to take their dogs with them everywhere they go.

The Affenshire is a designer dog breed, which means that he has two purebred parents. To develop these dogs, breeders cross a Yorkshire Terrier to an Affenpinscher. The alternative name of the breed- the Affen Yorkie- reveals his parentage quite plainly. The mix of two toy-sized terriers results in a feisty little dog who will charm everyone he meets. Unfortunately, they can sometimes be bossy and think they’re much bigger than they actually are, so they’re not always the favorites in the doggie park. With proper and timely training and socialization, though, these pooches will be a sweet, loving bunch without a mean bone in their small bodies.

The unique combination of breeds in this mix makes the Affenshire a very sought-after designer dog breed, despite the fact that they became popular only recently. Their cute looks and spunky temperament win over many prospective owners, but these charming hybrids might not be the best choice for every family. The Affenshire has his own need and requirements that might not fit in with your lifestyle- read on to see if this designer dog is the right breed for you.

In addition to being a sweet, loyal companion. Affenshire is also an energetic, curious little pooch.


When it comes to the origin and history of designer dogs, there’s a lot of information missing about the individual breeds. Some of the older or more popular mixes have a well-documented story, but many others are not so fortunate. The adorable Affenshire is among those “mysterious” designer dogs. There’s no clear information on the period or place where this breed had its start. Naturally, there have probably been accidental Affenpinscher and Yorkie mixes throughout history, but what interests the breed enthusiasts is when people started crossbreeding the two intentionally. As no breeder currently claims to be the mastermind behind the Affenshire, there’s no way to know this. The best guess anyone can have is that these crossbreeds are no different than most other designer dog breeds. This would mean that they were probably created in the last 20 years in the United States.


The Affenshire is a designer dog breed, developed by crossing a Yorkshire Terrier to an Affenpinscher. As a rule of thumb, most (if not all) of these hybrids are a first generation mix or a 50-50 mix of the two purebreds. A first generation hybrid is the most unpredictable one. In one litter of Affenpinscher and Yorkie mix puppies, all of the babies might look different. Some Affenshires can look more like their “monkey dog” parent, with the cute flat face or the recognizable “Groucho Marx” brow. On the other hands, some might resemble the Yorkie more, with silky hair and perky erect ears. In most cases, though, puppies have their own unique appearance that draws a bit from both of his parents.

Multigenerational crossings do lead to a more uniform appearance, as they increase the percentage of one breed in the mix. However, as this is still a breed in development, there aren’t that many multigenerational Affenshire dogs out there. Nevertheless, many pet owners find that a big part of the charm that designer dogs have is their unpredictability- every Affenshire will be one of a kind!

Even though the parents of the Affenshire are both purebred dogs in good standing with major canine clubs, their crossbreed babies don’t have the same label. The American Kennel Club and other major organizations don’t recognize designer dog breeds, so Affenshire puppies can’t have pedigree papers.


A well-balanced, healthy diet will play an important role in your dog’s overall wellbeing. Dogs who are fed a quality diet will have better teeth, shinier hair, and improved overall health. The Affenshire does best on high-quality dry food for dogs. The kibble should be suitable for their own unique needs. Pick premium brands that use high-grade natural ingredients, have a good percentage of lean meat in them and don’t have too many fillers or unhealthy carbs. These designer dogs will also need kibble that is formulated to accommodate their age (puppy, adult, senior), size, and activity level. Small breed or toy breed formulas are usually a match.

The Affenshire is a small dog who doesn’t need much food, so be careful not to overfeed them. In most cases, these toy size dogs won’t require more than a cup to cup and a half of premium quality kibble. Feeding more than this or adding wet or cooked food as a topper for the kibble can lead to a rapid weight gain. Affenshire can be prone to obesity and his petite body can experience the consequences of excess weight in no time. Stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations about the serving sizes and split that into two daily meals, for better digestion.

The Affenshire is a designer dog breed, developed by crossing a Yorkshire Terrier to an Affenpinscher.


With the right approach, the Affenshire will be a highly trainable dog. Not unlike all toy breeds, these hybrids can also be a bit stubborn and difficult to housebreak. To remedy this, rely on positive reinforcement methods of training to get successful results. Using rewards such as yummy treats and excited praise to motivate your dog is certain to get him interested in training. The Affenshire is a smart dog that’s eager to please and you could even train them for dog sports. Agility, flyball, and similar competitions could be a great fun activity for you and your pet both.

Another important thing is to start socializing your Affenshire while they’re still young. Early exposure to various people outside of their family, children, other pets- it will all help shape them into a friendly, easy-going little dog.


The average weight of an adult Affenshire can be anywhere between 5 to 12 pounds. A lot will depend on the size of their parents and the puppy’s sex. Females tend to be smaller than males.


If there’s one thing that the Affenshire never lacks it is personality. These tiny dogs have a heart and spirit much bigger than their small bodies would suggest! They are extremely loving and cuddly and will be very protective of their families. Naturally, their size doesn’t make them an efficient guard dog, but their alertness and territoriality do make them good watchdogs. This means you can expect your new puppy to be a bit on the vocal side. Both of the parental breeds can be yappy dogs, so don’t be surprised if the Affenshire is quick to bark at every “intruder” they spot on their turf.

In addition to being a sweet, loyal companion. Affenshire is also an energetic, curious little pooch. They have an adventurous spirit and love to accompany their owners to different “adventures” from car rides to walks in nature. They can be a bit mischievous, as well, but it’s all part of their charm. This hybrid’s spunk and spirit are a big part of what makes him so popular!

Timely training and socialization are essential for these dogs. No one can deny that the Affenshire is adorable and silly, but they have many quirks that could turn into behavioral issues. For instance, their belief that they’re much bigger than they actually are might evolve into small dog syndrome if they’re not socialized on time.

As a breed, the Affenshire is a good choice for singles, couples or active retirees that want a fun, loving canine companion. Families with kids are not a good choice for an Affenpinscher and Yorkie mix dog. They tend to be nippy with small kids that like to tease or bother them and can be easily injured in play with a child. Affenshire will tolerate other pets in the home, as long as he is properly socialized on time.

Common Health Problems

All breeds have certain issues that they can be more prone to- even crossbreeds. Many people falsely believe that designer dogs have no breed-specific health problems simply because of their mixed breed lineage. While it’s true that certain mixes do have a minimized risks of inheriting some of their parents’ issues, it doesn’t mean they’re immune to them.

The Affenshire can be at risk for a few common problems that affect both his mom and dad. These include portosystemic shunt, collapsing trachea, dry eyes syndrome, and Legg-Calve-Perthes. Luxating patellas are a frequent issue with small dogs, same as proneness to diabetes and early tooth loss. Additionally, if the puppy inherits the flat face of the Affenpinscher parent, they can be prone to the brachycephalic syndrome.

Life Expectancy

The Affenshire is a relatively recent breed, which means there’s not enough information about their longevity. However, based on the lifespan of the parental breeds, it’s easy to guess the life expectancy of this crossbreed. With good care, your new mixed breed pet should live 12 to 15 years.

Exercise Requirements

These designer dogs are energetic and have a lot of spirit, but they’re not highly active dogs. To tire out a tiny pooch such as the Affenshire, you won’t have to go hiking for a few hours or play fetch for the whole afternoon. Circa 30 to 45 minutes of daily exercise will keep these designer dogs happy and in good form. Take them on a few brisk walks around the block or get them going with an engaging game- tug of war and fetch are universal favorites.

In addition to physical activity, the Affenshire will benefit from having mental stimulation in his environment, too. They are smart, curious dogs that can easily get bored and express their frustration by destroying your shoes or furniture. To prevent this, invest in a few interesting puzzle toys that will occupy them while you’re at work.

These designer dogs are energetic and have a lot of spirit, but they’re not highly active dogs.

Recognized Clubs

The American Kennel Club or any other major organizations don’t recognize designer dog breeds, including the Affenshire. However, Designer Breed Registry recognizes the Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier mix as a breed in its own right.


The coat of the Affenshire breed widely varies from dog to dog. They can have rough, wiry fur or longer, silky locks. It all depends on which parent’s genes are more influential in the mix! The coat colors are also quite unpredictable. Sometimes, they are all black, grey, red, or tan. In other cases, the puppies have a bi-color coat, in shade of blue and tan, black and tan, or blue and gold.

Regardless of the type of coat your puppy ends up having, they will require frequent brushing. Regularly comb or brush them to prevent matting and tangling of the hair, especially if they have finer fur similar to the Yorkie’s.


Affenshire puppies are very small and fragile, so you should be very careful around them. Accidents happen easily and your toy dog can get injured because of a careless step or clumsy handling. Needless to say, they don’t make the best company for children- even when they are adult, they remain sensitive.

As soon as your puppy comes home, start with training and socialization. Housebreaking Affenshire can prove to be difficult, but with a little patience, it won’t be a problem. Timely training and exposure to various conditions will help your dog grow into a friendly, well-mannered pet.

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