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Cattle Doodle

  • Height: 17-20 inches
  • Weight: 30-50 lb
  • Lifespan: 12-15 years
  • Group: Not Applicable
  • Best Suited For: Families with children and other pets, first-time dog owners, those looking for a watchdog
  • Temperament: bright, easy to train, affectionate, energetic
  • Comparable Breeds: Poodle, Australian Cattle Dog

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The Cattle Doodle is a fun, family dog who brings the spirited nature of the Australian Cattle Dog together with the intelligent, playful Standard or Miniature Poodle to produce an energetic, alert dog who does well with kids and other pets and makes a great potential watchdog.

The Cattle Doodle combines the playful Poodle with the spirited Australian Cattle Dog.

The Cattle Doodle almost certainly goes back to the 1980s when designer dogs first began to appear in response to the demand for dogs that were smaller, hypo-allergenic, healthier or simply gentler variations on some of the more popular breeds.

The Cattle Doodle is bright, quick to obey and considered easy to train.Because he is not a pure-bred, the Cattle Doodle does not qualify to join the American Kennel Club (AKC) however both parent breeds are members; the Australian Cattle Dog joined the club’s “herding” group in 1980 while the Poodle became a member of the “non-sporting” group in 1887.

The Cattle Doodle is a medium-sized dog that requires vigorous activity to keep him healthy and a top-quality diet that supports the needs that come with a high energy dog. Opt for a nutrient-rich product that is specifically designed for his size, age and fitness requirements and because he comes from a breed that can be prone to bloat, plan to feed him 2 to 3 smaller meals each day and schedule activity for at least 1 hour after eating. With both parent breeds susceptible to joint issues, it’s important this dog not be allowed to overeat and become obese.

The Cattle Doodle is bright, quick to obey and considered easy to train.

The Cattle Doodle is bright, quick to obey and considered easy to train. Few repetitions should be required to get the desired results and as with all dogs, a firm, consistent approach along with lots of verbal praise and treats of your choice for a job well done, will go a long way in getting the results you are seeking.

The Cattle Doodle is a medium sized dog that can weigh between 30 and 50 pounds.

The Cattle Doodle is a loyal, protective dog who makes a great watchdog.The Cattle Doodle is part Australian Cattle Dog – a breed known for being alert, protective and potentially aggressive if not properly socialized. As a result, early obedience and socialization training are needed to bring out the best in this wonderful family dog. In spite of this, he is generally affectionate, energetic, loyal to his human pack and cautious with strangers which can make him an ideal watchdog.

Designer Dogs are typically healthier than their pure-bred parents, however it’s important to be aware of what your new pup could one day inherit. For the Cattle Doodle, that can present as bloat from the Poodle side as well as bone and joint issues including Osteochondrosis Dissecans from the Australian Cattle Dog.

The Cattle Doodle has a life span of between 12 to 15 years.

The Cattle Doodle is no slouch when it comes to exercise. He’s an active dog who will require regular, brisk daily walks or jogs and active playtime at a dog park or fenced backyard to keep him physically fit and mentally stimulated.

The Cattle Doodle is a loyal, protective dog who makes a great watchdog.

The Cattle Doodle is not yet recognized by designer dog registry clubs.

The Cattle Doodle’s coat is typically short, coarse, waterproof and double-coated to withstand harsh weather conditions. He is considered a moderate shedding dog and requires minimal maintenance – typically brushing 2 to 3 times per week to keep hair in check. Shedding may be more pronounced during warmer weather and require daily brushing. Although he won’t require professional grooming, as a floppy eared dog he can be prone to ear infections so cleaning should be done weekly.

Your Cattle Doodle pup comes from hard-working breeds that can be head-strong and a challenge if not properly socialized when young. Both obedience and socialization training will be needed to turn this little guy into the ideal family dog. Because he could be prone to joint issues, take it easy on the exercise to avoid stressing tiny joints and limbs. And because bloat may be an issue later in life, get him set up on a feeding schedule that will help avoid him becoming used to overeating and subsequently obesity.

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