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About ChiChon

6-10 lb
8-10 inches
12-15 years
Not Applicable
Best Suited For
Families with kids or other pets, apartment dwellers, first time dog owners
playful, affectionate, energetic, friendly
Comparable Breeds
Chihuahua, Bichon Frise
ChiChon Basics

This adorable little fluff ball with the delightful personality is the ChiChon. He brings together the feisty spirit of the Chihuahua with the playful nature and distinctive fluffy coat of the Bichon Frise to produce a wonderful, sturdy little family pet that is great with kids and other animals.

The adorable ChiChon brings together the spirited Chihuahua and the playful Bichon Frise.


The ChiChon is a Designer Dog that comes from two pure-bred parents: a Chihuahua and a Bichon Frise. A designer breed will often introduce a toy or miniature dog to the mix in order to produce a smaller version of a popular breed. In this instance, the Bichon Frise DNA helps produce a sturdier, more family friendly dog that can be less aggressive toward other pets than a Chihuahua.


The ChiChon is not a purebred and therefore is not registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). Both parent breeds however are long-time members of the AKC; the Chihuahua was registered under the “toy” group in 1904 and the Bichon Frise also registered under the “non-sporting” group in 1972.

Food / Diet

The ChiChon is a small-breed dog that is highly active and needs a high quality kibble that reflects his size, age and activity level. Because small dogs can be prone to dental issues a top grade, grain-free (which can cause digestive issues) hard kibble that meets his nutritional needs is important for his diet. Feeding should be smaller meals 2 to 3 times daily versus free-feeding.

The ChiChon is an easy dog to train as it brings together the personalities of two intelligent breeds.


The ChiChon is a moderately easy dog to train as it brings together the personalities of two intelligent breeds. That said, Chihuahuas can have attitude so expect to be patient and persistent in order to get the results you want. All dogs respond best to a rewards based approach to training which means lots of praise and treats of your choice, when earned.


Your ChiChon will likely tip the scale at 6 to 10 pounds.

Temperament / Behavior

The ChiChon is a loving little dog that is known to be extremely friendly and loyal. They are not big on barking – so no watchdog material here – but they will become yappy when they want attention. They thrive on affection so don’t do well when left on their own for long periods of time and they can also become highly attached to one person so early socialization is ideal. They’re a sturdy pooch for such a small dog and enjoy being part of a family with or without kids and other pets.

Common Health Problems

Although designer dogs typically avoid many of the health issues that can plague their pure-bred parents, it’s always wise to know what can be inherited. With the ChiChon, you have the Chihuahua that can suffer from patella luxation and joint issues while the Bichon Frise can experience skin issues as a result of fretting and chewing on themselves. As with all small dogs, dental issues can be a concern so brushing and regular check-ups are essential.

Life Expectancy

The ChiChon has a life expectancy of 12-15 years.

Exercise Requirements

Chichons are active, energetic little dogs however their smaller size makes it fairly easy to meet their needs. Because they are social and love to play, a visit to the dog-park or game of catch in the backyard is an ideal way to inject some fun into their exercise regimen. Note that this pooch is a jumper, so be sure fencing is secure and sufficient to keep him from escaping.

The loving little ChiChon thrives on affection and loves to be part of a family.

Recognized Clubs

Also known as the Bichon Chi or Chichon, the ChiChon is recognized by the the Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA) American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), Designer Breed Registry (DBR), Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC) and the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR)


Your ChiChon’s coat is over-the-top fluffy but surprisingly low maintenance. He is a very low shedding dog and great for owners who don’t want to have to hoover each day. The texture can often be wiry, with once-weekly brushing sufficient to keep him looking his best. Professional grooming every few months will prevent him from looking scraggly. Because small dogs can run into dental issues, daily brushing should be an important part of his maintenance regimen.


ChiChon puppies are tiny and need to be treated as fragile until they are old enough to walk, play and defend themselves. This means young children should be supervised any time they handle these pups and care should be taken when exercising or walking the puppy to avoid injury. Early socialization is important for this little dog and because they are an intelligent breed, obedience training can begin around the same time.

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