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About Pooghan

45-65 lb
22-28 inches
10-15 years
Not Applicable
Best Suited For
First time dog owners, families with kids and other pets, those looking for a guard dog
intelligent, playful, gentle, independent
Comparable Breeds
Poodle, Afghan Hound
Pooghan Basics

The elegant looking Pooghan brings together the intelligent, keen-to-please personality of the Poodle and the playful yet independent traits of the Afghan Hound to create a dog that is perfect for first-time dog owners. He does well with kids and other pets when properly socialized and has the potential to make a great guard dog.

The Pooghan brings the intelligent Poodle together with the independent Afghan Hound.


The Pooghan is a Designer Dog and likely originated in the 1980s when breeders first began crossing pure-bred dogs to produce smaller, hypo-allergenic or gentler variations of some of the more popular breeds.


The Pooghan’s non-purebred status means that he cannot join the coveted American Kennel Club (AKC). Both parent breeds however are long-time members – the Afghan Hound joined their “hound” group back in 1926 while the Poodle became a member of the “non-sporting” group in 1887.

Food / Diet

The Pooghan is an active dog however comes from two breeds that can be prone to joint issues so it is imperative your new pup not become obese. Plan to feed him a top quality kibble that is designed to meet his age, size and activity levels and never free-feed this breed as he can be prone to bloat if he over-eats. Feed him 2 to 3 smaller meals each day and time his exercise to be at least an hour after feeding (or before).

Pooghans are playful, family-oriented dogs that are great with kids and ideal for first-time dog owners.


The Pooghan brings the smarts of the Poodle together with the often willful personality of the Afghan to produce a dog who will likely require patience to train. With any large dog, its important obedience and socialization be completed when young to successfully integrate him into a family environment and ensure he plays nice with other animals. A professional trainer might be the answer if you aren’t getting the results you want. For any dog, a rewards-based approach that includes the treats of your choice and loads of verbal praise will go a long way.


The Pooghan is a large dog that will weigh between 45 and 65 pounds.

Temperament / Behavior

Pooghans are playful, family-oriented dogs that are great with kids and ideal for first-time dog owners. In spite of the often independent characteristics found in the Afghan Hound, the Pooghan is a highly social dog that gets along well with other animals when properly socialized. He is gentle, friendly and loves to be part of all family activities. An alert, protective side makes him a great yet non-aggressive guard dog.

Common Health Problems

Most mixed breed dogs are able to by-pass the health issues common in their pure-bred parents however you should always read up on what your new pup could inherit. For the Pooghan, he can pick up joint and vision issues from both the Afghan Hound and Standard Poodle. He can also suffer from bloat, so exercise needs to be timed appropriately.

Life Expectancy

The Pooghan will typically live for between 10 and 15 years.

Exercise Requirements

The Pooghan is an active dog that needs long walks and the opportunity to run. The Afghan Hound side of this pooch is known for agility and would love nothing more than rigorous interactive playtime where he can stretch his legs by catching and returning balls or Frisbees. Afghan Hounds are considered “chasers” and will take off after anything and everything, so playtime might be best kept to your own fenced backyard versus an off-leash park.

The Pooghan is a gentle, friendly dog who loves to be part of all family activities.

Recognized Clubs

The Pooghan is also known as the Affydoodle, Affypoo andAfghanpoodle and is recognized by the Designer Breed Registry (DBR) and the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR).


In spite of being a non- to low-shedding dog, the Pooghan’s long, fine coat will require regular brushing 3 to 4 times per week to keep it tangle-free and looking its gloriously glossy best. This is the ideal dog for the owner who has the time and money to devote to his upkeep as regular visits to the groomers will be needed. As with most floppy eared dogs, inspection and cleaning should be done on a weekly basis to remove debris and prevent infection.


The Pooghan pup will quickly grow into a large dog and early socialization and obedience training is important – before he becomes unwieldy. Because this pup may inherit joint issues from his parent breeds, exercise should be regular and active but not over-exert tiny limbs. Early injury can present as serious problems later in life for this dog.

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