UK Dog Is Recovering After 130+ Coins Were Removed From His Stomach

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic
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Missing any cash? An owner from Swindon in the UK did and was shocked when he discovered how his money went missing. The vets were equally shocked because they discovered that Charlie, the little  Bichon Frise, had eaten 133 coins, equalling more than £18!

The mischievous little Bichon was taken to Thameswood Vets in Swindon, after the owners became concerned for his health, thinking he was ill. Their doubts proved true. A quick ultrasound revealed an obvious obstruction in the pet’s tummy. At first, the vet thought it was a piece of plastic, and scheduled an operation to remove the obstruction. But the surgery left him shocked. 

"It was a surprise for everybody,"  said vet Matheus Nerone, who carried out the surgery. Because once the stomach was opened, a “hoard” of 133 coins was discovered, adding up to £18 and 20 pence. "We opened his stomach and found 133 coins inside him," Dr. Nerone explained. "We did find some pieces of plastic there as well - but the owners had no idea that he had eaten the coins."

Everyone was left scratching their head, wondering how on earth did Charlie ingest so many coins. "I don't think they had been there that long - maybe the night or two nights before he came in - because of the size of the obstruction there.” the Dr. said. "He felt sick so if he had eaten those coins a few days ago, he would have been sick before then."

Of course, the doctor revealed that it is not uncommon for dogs to  ingest all sorts of things, especially loose change. "It does happen but usually they stop after having a couple of them [coins] - but 133 coins is an impressive amount!"

Luckily, the surgery went well, and mischievous little Charlie is now making a good recovery. Thanks to the owner’s keen eye, a real tragedy was prevented, as Charlie could have been in big trouble without quick attention. 

"Many coins contain zinc which can be poisonous and lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and a lack of appetite," Dr. Nerone clarified. "We are monitoring his blood, but we are hopeful that everything's going to be fine."

So next time you’re missing some change, consider all the possibilities!

Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic

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