6 Best Pet Releaf Products For Your Pets

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis

Pet Releaf products are amazing–they activate our pets’ Endocannabinoid Systems and lets our pets’ brains get full body relief wherever they need it. That’s important. That’s vital. They deserve and demand our attention. Here are the six best Pet Releaf Products you’ll want to know about for your pets. These could all dramatically improve your pet’s life.

The market is full of CBD products, so choosing the right one takes some homework. Not all CBD products are created equal. In fact, quite a few them exist only because of the CBD trend and not because they add anything particularly valuable to the market place. So, it’s important to do the research and find the right products for your pet. And, since our pets are family, we’re always looking to be sure that our pets get the best there is. We look at not just what products we buy do for our pets, but from where they came and why they were made in the first place. With a little research, you will find the right product for your pet.

What’s Different About Pet Releaf?

Pet Releaf’s philosophy is that the right diet makes all the difference, but clean and healthy supplements that work with a pet’s own body can make an even stronger health pattern overall. Pet Releaf gets their CBD products from hemp oil that comes from the largest USDA certified hemp farm in the United States and they utilize the whole plant with a supercritical CO2 extraction method. All their products use natural and organic ingredients and are all considered human-grade. If it’s good enough for you, you’d better believe that it’s good enough for Fido.

More than that, though, is that Pet Releaf products take advantage of the scientifically proven successes of cannabinoids that come from the hemp plant–not just CBD. Because they do, Pet Releaf products are able to activate pets’ Endocannabinoid Systems. When that happens, your pet’s brain can fully communicate with its body and bring relief and immune-building right where it needs to be. This won’t just make your pet feel good in the short term, it will help improve their state of being in the long term as well.

If you’re looking for a clean, safe and effective anti-inflammatory and immune benefits for your pets, you’ll want to check out these six Pet Releaf Products. This truly does it all.

1. Canna Care Topical

This is what you’re looking for if your pet has skin irritations or hot spots that you find yourself perpetually treating with steroids or other icky chemicals that don’t bring full resolution. It’s time to move beyond those old fashioned medical solutions and embrace the new. Made with organic essential oils and organic CBD Hemp and Copaiba, it’s a plant-based and vegan product that will naturally treat skin irritations for your dog. All of the relief that your pet needs without any of the unfortunate chemical side effects.

2. Blueberry Cranberry Edibites

These delicious treats are more than just a tasty morsel; they’re full of antioxidants and superfoods that will give your pup’s immune system a turbo boost. It’s be tough for those nasty little germs to penetrate your pup after the defence that Edibites provide. They’re quite healthy as well. They have no wheat, corn, dairy or soy and there are no fillers or chemical preservatives–and each large breed Edibite has 1,800 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract–with 90 mg being Active CBD. A great daily supplement for super health. They also come in Peanut Butter Banana for pickier eaters, and in small/large dog breed variety. It’s tough to find a dog out there that wouldn’t love munching on at least one of these.

3. Hemp Oil Capsule 10-Pack

Each capsule in this 10-pack has 85 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp with 15 mg being Active CBD. They also have organic coconut oil in the vegan packaging, and they are made with a solvent-free super critical CO2 method. These are perfect supplements for large breed dogs who are suffering from severe injury or illness and are not contraindicated with other medicines your pet may need to be on. They’re pretty much like magic for your dog. It’s impossible to overestimate the positive impact these capsules will have on your pups.

4. Liposome Hemp Oil

These water-soluble drops are put directly into your dog or cat’s food, and the Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil will entice them to get the health benefits from the organic full spectrum hemp extract. Your dog won’t know that they are consuming this oil, but they will definitely feel the impact. This 330 mg bottle is perfect for small-medium dogs and cats who take their supplements with food, and there’s also a stronger potency for larger dogs.

5. Hemp Oil For Dogs

This is the staple of Pet Releaf’s hemp line and uses their proprietary strain of Hemp (PR-33) for pet relief. IT’s extracted with supercritical CO2 extraction and is good for small dogs who are suffering from either severe illness or injury. This will offer your pooch the pain relief that they need without any of the nasty side effects that comes from more traditional education. Each dropper of the 330 mg oil has 11 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, with 3.3 mg being active CBD. For larger dogs or more severe issues, there are higher potencies: Hemp Oil 700, Hemp Oil 1000 and Hemp Oil 1700.

6. Hemp Oil For Cats

Don’t worry. These incredibly CBD products are just the domain of dogs. Your feline friends can benefit from the joys of CBD as well. That’s right, Pet Releaf hasn’t forgotten cats! Don’t you worry about that. In fact, many of their products are formulated for both dogs and cats, as they’ve specifically consulted experts to ensure the safety and quality for dogs and cats, despite them being different animals altogether. It was a tricky balance for the CBD specialists for sure, yet they found a way. Hemp Oil 330 gives relief in injury or illness for your cat. The impact will be immediately noticeable. Those little kitties will sincerely appreciate it.

Cannanine Full-Spectrum Organic CBD Oil

Pet parents are finding relief from CBD and Hemp oils from various makers and brands, so if you’re interested in trying out different oils to see what works best for your pet’s anxiety, pain, arthritis, and other issues that CBD and hemp oils here are some great alternatives we’ve found that have fantastic reviews. That’s right, there are many companies putting in the work to ensure that magical powers of CBD are available for all of our pets.

1. Cannanine Full-Spectrum Organic CBD Oil

Cannanine Full-Spectrum uses a patented nano-sized microemulsion process so the maximum bioavailability and absorbability can be given to your pets with their organic, full-spectrum, Colorado-grown hemp. It’s rich in terpenes and tested for heavy metals, yeast, mold, bacteria and other toxins and is human grade. Every purchase gives seven shelter dogs meals too. So many reasons to try Cannanine Full-Spectrum Organic CBD Oil. Get in there and enjoy.

2. HolistaPet Full Spectrum CBD Oil

HolistaPet is another organic line with full-spectrum GMO-free organic hemp as the base. They promise to have a calming effect on your cat or dog, as well as help improve their mobility. HolistaPet has several different oils and treats formulated for specific issues and they do 3rd-party batch testing for potency, pesticides, and residual solvents to be sure that your dog has the purest hemp power.

Their all-natural formula is packed with Vitamins C and E that not only help with stress and mobility but will also give your dog or cat a shinier and healthier coat. The drops are easy to administer- you can either put them directly into your pet’s mouth or in their food or water. It is formulated for dogs, cats, and even other animals like pets and horses. Made with 100% natural and vegan hemp, HolistaPet will provide all the hemp that your pet deserves.

3. Honest Paws Purity

Honest Paws Purity CBD is made from non-GMO, CO2 extracted hemp that’s grown in Colorado. It’s cruelty-free in production and Honest Paws educates pet parents about the benefits of CBD oils for dogs to allow them the best health and happiness that hemp can provide.

4. Pure Pet Naturals

Pure Pet Naturals hemp oil is formulated by vets and made from organic non-GMO, solvent-free and non-toxic hemp that’s grown in Colorado. It has no fillers or preservatives and Pure Pet works to make sure your pet gets high-grade organic hemp oil from farms that use 100% organic practices when farming. That’s right. Natural hemp available for pets everywhere, at long last.

5. Billion Pets Organic Hemp Oil for Pets

This highly rated (with other 12,000 reviews from pet owners) organic hemp oil from Billion Pets is a great option for pet parents looking to give their furry friend relief from anxiety, joint mobility, and other issues. Not only does it contain 100% organic hemp seeds but it also is packed with Vitamins C and E as well as other healing nutrients that help to promote joint mobility, a shinier coat, and a more relaxed demeanor for your dog or cat. It is also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which provide a reduction in inflammation and increased antioxidants.

Hemp oil is also known to help with digestive function and immune strength for pets. It can also help with itching. The Billion Pets Organic Hemp Oil is GMO-free and does not contain any xylitol. It is easy to dispense into your pet’s treats or food, and can even be applied topically to their skin.

6. Charlie & Buddy Hemp Oil

When choosing a hemp oil for your pets, you want to choose something that not only contains effective hemp oil, but also something that can benefit your pet’s overall health and wellness. The Charlie & Buddy Hemp Oil not only contains organic hemp oil, but it also contains other vitamins and minerals that will help with your dog or cats overall health. Packed with Omegas 3, 6, and 9 as well as vitamins C and E, this hemp oil will help with your pet’s anxiety levels, stress, sleep, and joint pain as well as their focus, mental clarity, and even their skin and coat.

Charlie & Buddy’s Hemp Oil is fast-acting so it will help soothe your pet quickly and effectively. The dropper allows you to put it right into their food or water. It is flavorless so you don’t have to worry if your pet is super picky- they won’t even notice. It’s another great option to choose from when trying to find the best hemp oil for your pet.

7. Serenity Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats

Serenity Hemp Oil is best known for their human line of hemp oil products but now you can get the same amazing product but specially formulated for your dog or cat instead. Serenity Hemp Oil works fast- users have found that two weeks of continuous use has had a dramatic impact on their pet’s life. It is all natural and has vitamins E and D, calcium, and three Omegas: Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9.

Serenity Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats helps reduce stress and separation anxiety as well as help with travel anxiety, barking, aggressive behavior, and even fear of storms. The easy dropper system makes it simple to add to their food or water so they are taking it without even knowing it- there is no fight to get your dog or cat to consume it. It’s a great option for natural hemp oil for your pet.

So, there you go. If you’ve been curious about diving into the wild world of CBD for pets, now you have a rock solid collection of wonderful products to explore. However, this is such a new and exciting market of pet products that we can’t pretend this list is definitive. After all, there are new CBD specialty companies emerging every day. So if you have a preferred CBD pet product that didn’t make our article, we’d love to hear about it. Let us know in the comments! Don’t keep that CBD to yourself and your pet.

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Lori Ennis

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