BIXBI: Damn Near Perfect Dog Food For A Lot Of Reasons

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis

We’re always looking to find dog foods that our dogs love, are good for them and are affordably priced. Our dogs’ health is important to us, and they’re family. That’s why we love the concept behind BIXBI products. Their dog food lines RAWBBLE and LIBERTY only use USDA inspected and passed fresh meat and never use meat meals or by-products. They pride themselves on being an affordable option for our very best friends.

Fresh Meat Vs. Meat Meal In Dog Foods: What’s The Difference?

Pet parents are paying closer attention to the labels on the foods they give their dogs. We’ve all been taught that the first ingredient is the ingredient that you should pay the most attention to—it’s in the largest quantity in the formulation.

What dog parent isn’t impressed with when the first ingredient in the food they’re feeding is meat? Dogs love meat, and we love giving our dogs what they love.

However, with most brands, fresh meat is followed by something called meat meal. You may think it’s just as good as meat, but what you may not know is that it’s really the waste products from the human food chain and meat not fit for humans (think diseased animals). Meat meal is typically made by taking the remnants of slaughtered, processed beef, fish or chicken and meat and poultry that has been rejected for human consumption for reasons outlined above, and cooking them multiple times with a high heat process. The resulting powdery, dry substance is what is added to your dog’s kibble. Because it is so over-processed and cooked at such high temperatures, it carries with it very limited nutritional value which is extremely hard for your dog to digest.

Meat meal is far less expensive than whole meat, fish or poultry. Fresh, whole meats are just that—meats that are not rendered (processed at high heat to remove the fat and water content). They offer your dog the opportunity to benefit the most from the meat’s nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. After all, why bother feeding your dog something that doesn’t offer them the complete nutrition you’re expecting it to? Meat meal is far less digestible than meat and therefore, you may be paying a pretty penny for your dog to fill the poop bag.

The BIXBI Difference: Healthy Dog Food That’s Accessible and Affordable

BIXBI Founder and CEO James Crouch grew up on a mushroom farm. Early on he learned to understand and appreciate the power of farm-fresh foods for humans. At the time, he didn’t give it much thought. But a few decades later, that knowledge and passion for healthy living were turned into an incredible line of organic mushroom supplements for cats and dogs. As he learned more, and their line kept growing, he realized BIXBI’s mission to give dogs the best nutrition needed to move them into the dog food arena. It was too hard to find clean, nutritious food that the average pet owner could afford, but their RAWBBLE and LIBERTY lines of food offer a non-negotiable main ingredient: whole, fresh meat.

BIXBI RAWBBLE and BIXBI LIBERTY: Food Your Dog Loves At A Price You Love Too

For BIXBI, real nutrition is the core of every product they make. Whether it’s their delicious dog treats, their powerful mushroom-based supplements or their delectable dog food, it’s all about bringing real health and nutrition to your dog. They pair nutritionally dense foods and treats with pure supplements that offer maximum benefit to your dog’s overall health.

Every product is thoughtfully considered, and responsibly and sustainably sourced. All testing is extensively done internally with the added security of independent third-party testing.

And when it comes to their dog foods, it really is all about the sourcing and cooking. BIXBI uses fresh meat and whole ingredients in all their recipes. ONLY fresh meat. They cook their foods at lower temperatures to ensure that they are as nutritionally dense as they can be. That’s evident in their industry-leading digestibility averaging over 90%. All proteins are sourced from farms in New Zealand, France and the United States, and they’re all USDA inspected and certified.

The best part is that they do all this amazingness at a price point that’s more palatable for dog parents.

RAWBBLE Dog Food: Real Meat For Dogs With High Protein Needs

RAWBBLE has been BIXBI’s flagship food line since its introduction to the market in 2017. Today it still remains a favorite of picky eaters and dog parents looking for high protein limited ingredient diets. RAWBBLE comes in two varieties: dry and freeze-dried.

RAWBBLE Dry is fresh single-source protein without the use of meat meals, by-products, soy, corn, wheat or rice. Available in Chicken, Duck, Lamb, Pork and Turkey, RAWBBLE Dry is also Freeze-Dry Raw Coated for extra flavor.

RAWBBLE Freeze-Dried is made in small batches, and 98% of the recipe is real muscle and organ meat. The other 2% of the formulation is from the superfood pumpkin, healthy oils, vitamins, and minerals. Talk about packing a punch for good gut health and digestion! RAWBBLE Freeze-Dried can be used as a meal, topper or treat making it the most versatile food ever! Freeze-dried is available in Beef, Chicken, Duck, Lamb, Pork, Chicken & Salmon and Turkey recipes.

LIBERTY Dog Food: Affordable Dog Food That Boasts Real Meat

The wild popularity and success of the RAWBBLE line led BIXBI to make healthy dog food even more accessible to dog parents across the country.

The LIBERTY line consists of six formulas—including healthy grain-inclusive, grain-free small-breed and puppy offerings. LIBERTY also only uses fresh meats carefully steam-cooked at low temperatures to preserve nutrients. They’re an affordable option for pet parents, and they’re still industry-leading in quality, ingredients and digestibility. Recipes include grain-free Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Fisherman’s Catch (trout & whitefish), Original (turkey, chicken & fish) and healthy grain Game Bird Feast (turkey, quail & duck) and Rancher’s Red (beef, lamb & goat) . None of the recipes contain soy, corn, rice or wheat and they’re manufactured in the United States and sourced in the United States and New Zealand.

Damn Near Perfect Dog Food: Formulations You Can Trust

BIXBI prides itself on making what they call the ‘damn near perfect’ dog food. And, considering their lines are made with 100% fresh meat and at a price that’s considerably lower than most comparable lines, we have to agree. There are no over-processed meat meals; they just make healthy, digestible and delicious dog foods with real meat and whole ingredients.

It sounds so basic, and yet, isn’t that sort of how it’s supposed to be? Clean ingredients, minimal processing and an affordable price that makes it accessible for pet parents. If you’re looking for treats, supplements and healthy dog food you can trust to give to your best friend, you’ve found them in BIXBI. You can buy BIXBI from lots of different places, too: on, PetSmart, Chewy and Amazon.

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