Can Dogs Eat Green Beans?

Kate Barrington
by Kate Barrington
They’re a healthy snack for humans, but can dogs eat green beans? Find out if this is a vegetable you can add to your dog’s diet.

When you were growing up, your mother always told you to eat your vegetables. Do you say the same thing to your kids? What about your dog? You may not think about it, but vegetables are a healthy snack option for dogs as long as you choose the right ones. Keep reading to learn whether green beans are safe for dogs to eat.

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Are Green Beans Safe for Dogs?

If you were to offer your dog a green bean, you might be surprised to see him take it. Not only do most dogs love green beans, but they are safe and healthy for him to eat. Fresh, steamed, boiled, or canned, green beans are a dog-friendly food. Per cup of sliced green beans, there are only about 30 calories with very little fat and no cholesterol. A cup of green beans contains almost 3.5 grams of dietary fiber, nearly 2 grams of protein, and a whole host of nutrients including vitamin A, vitamin C, Calcium, iron, and magnesium. In short, these little green morsels are powerhouses of nutrition!

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Tips for Feeding Your Dog Green Beans

Just because green beans are safe for dogs to eat doesn’t mean you don’t still need to be careful. If you’re feeding your dog raw beans, make sure to rinse them well to remove any traces of pesticide. When cooking green beans, don’t boil them too much because excessive heat can destroy some of the nutrients. For canned beans, either look for salt-free beans or rinse them before feeding them to your dog. And make sure any beans you feed your dog are cut to an appropriate size.

Here are some simple ideas for feeding your dog green beans:

  • Offer fresh beans as a quick treat while preparing dinner
  • Stuff your dog’s favorite KONG toy with green beans
  • Steam some green beans and stir them into his bowl of food
  • Use pureed green beans or organic green bean baby food as a meal topper
  • Offer frozen green beans as a refreshing summer snack

Green beans aren’t the only vegetable that is good for your dog. You can also offer your dog carrots, broccoli, pumpkin, asparagus, spinach, and more. Just make sure that any vegetable you offer your dog is approved by the AKC – you don’t want to accidentally poison your dog.

Can Green Beans Help Your Dog Lose Weight?

While green beans are a healthy snack for dogs, they shouldn’t make up a significant portion of his diet. Commercial dog foods are formulated to meet your dog’s complex nutritional needs – snacks and treats should make up no more than 10% of his daily diet. But green beans might be able to help an overweight dog lose weight if you use them right. Basically, you substitute the high-calorie treats you’ve been feeding your dog with green beans. It’s that simple!

As a dog owner you have to walk the line between keeping your dog happy and keeping him healthy. Offering your dog green beans instead of high-calorie treats is a way to do both!

Kate Barrington
Kate Barrington

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