Can My Dog Have Fish Oil?

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson

We know about the benefits of fish oil for humans, but what about for dogs? Here’s what you need to know about fish oil and dogs.

As humans, we’re familiar with the many health benefits that come from fish oils through the Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. But what about dogs? Can dogs safely consume fish oils?

The answer is yes, but with a little caution. Adding fish oils to your pooch’s diet can help promote a healthy coat, improve skin conditions, and alleviate joint pain by reducing inflammation. It can also help improve your dog’s immune system and overall heart health.

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However, it’s not an instant fix for all dogs. Breeds with known digestive issues should move forward gradually and with the OK from their veterinarian.

Tips for introducing fish oils to your dog’s diet:

  1. Know the recommended dosage for your size of dog. A good rule of thumb is 75-100 mg/kg of weight. So, for a dog that weighs 25 pounds (11.35 kg), he would need about 1,000 mg (or 1 gram) of fish oil each day.
  2. Begin with a low dose and gradually increase – particularly when dealing with digestion issues. Or, try by first introducing him to the actual fish flesh then graduate to the oil.

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