Amazon Took Some Heat with 2023 Super Bowl Ad

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson

Rescues and dog experts alike felt solution to separation anxiety was a total fumble. Can they recover this year?

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In anticipation of Super Bowl Sunday, its no surprise that sneak peaks at all the uber-pricey marketing campaigns from last year are already being resurrected.

And while the famous old adage that “no press is bad press” still holds true, it appears Amazon received a little flack for last year’s 90-second spot that was clearly designed to resonate with sports loving pet parents throughout the country.

In a nutshell: lovable pooch basks in the warmth of family love during COVID lockdown. Fast forward and same human pack are now heading off to work and school leaving the four-legged member feeling lonely, unloved, and prone to getting into some pretty serious mischief.

Solution? Easy-peasy according to the ad! Stressed out family simply pulls up their Amazon app and purchases a great big travel-style kennel to deal with the destructive doggie. Viewers gasped in disbelief assuming the family was preparing to ship off the wayward pooch. Cue to the warm and fuzzy moment the kennel is opened up to reveal a new furry friend entering the household – specifically to keep naughty boy company (and out of trouble).

So, the prickly issue voiced by rescues and dog experts alike, is that this is NOT how you solve separation anxiety. In fact, you could have double the trouble if the newbie is also prone to showcasing his displeasure by digging, chewing, pooping, and causing general mayhem in the home.

Now, for many of us (yes, me included), adding another dog to the mix has actually helped alleviate loneliness and boredom with our pets. Chosen carefully, similar breeds with similar energy levels and characteristics (e.g. not prone to anxiety), do well when paired up. Remember, dogs are pack animals and for most, roaming around an empty house solo is seriously outside their comfort zone.

So, what does the guru of all things, “dog” – American Kennel Club – have to say about all this? They confirm that a dog that is stressed or fearful can pass behavioral issues on to a new dog however there are workarounds. Start by identifying the triggers that set your pet off and learn how to tackle them before adding the new pooch. This can be as simple as modifying your routine when leaving the house, investing in a dog monitor that allows you to speak to your pet and eject a treat for good behavior or even by hiring a dog walker to take him out for exercise breaks throughout the day.

If you feel both you and Rover are ready to add four more legs to the mix, again, consider a new dog that will be a good fit with your existing pet. If he’s older, a puppy will quickly become the bane of his existence (been there, done that). Similarly, a larger or heavily active dog will be a tough match for a smaller one that can’t keep up despite the annoying efforts of the more energetic pooch.

In the end, adding a second pooch can be the solution you’re looking for or the nightmare you didn’t see coming. Do your homework, choose your second pooch carefully, and introduce distractions that will help keep them both busy while you’re out.

As for Superbowl fans and their passion for all things “dog”, best to sit, stay, and wait to see what advertisers have cooked up for this year.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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