I Ruff You – Why Exercise Is A Gift Of Love To Your Dog

Show your dog that you love him by getting off the couch and giving him a great workout!

Can you smell it? Love is in the air, especially so close to the most romantic day of the year!

Are you looking for somebody reliable, trustworthy and understanding?

Somebody who loves to cuddle and who will always be there for you?

Someone who loves to play games, exercise, enjoys movie nights and quiet time?

Look no further than your four-legged friend!

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Last year, a reported $18.6 billion was spent on Valentine’s Day. Out of that figure, over $815 million was spent on our pets.

But why does Valentine’s Day have to the only designated day we show love. And why, when the gift of health, love and happiness is free, why do we spend hundreds of millions of dollars showing our dogs we love them?

This Valentine’s Day isn’t just about spending money; it’s about showing your dog how much you really care every day of the year.

Our dogs “muttivate” us to get up, get out and get moving, and whether it’s taking a dog for a walk, exercising or a meet up, it is a common love and bond between owner and their dog.

You come home from a long day at work, ready to put your feet up and relax. You open the door and there is your best friend, wishing, waiting and hoping it’s their time. Time for exercise, love or a walk. While we may be unmotivated, how can we resist the wagging tail and pleading eyes? You can’t.

It’s time for a little love.

It’s love, in the form of exercise. You know it’s good for you. It helps you maintain a healthy weight, manage stress, sleep better, and increase your energy level. But the great thing, it does the same for our dogs! Not only will exercise help them live a happier, healthier and longer life, but exercising makes them more alert, more content and less prone for misbehaviors. And, in truth, more often than not, the cause of misbehaviors is boredom from lack of exercise. Many other behavior problems like chewing, digging, and barking go away once the animal starts getting regular activity.

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According to the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI),recent studies have shown a link between pet ownership and better health. But it gets better. Science shows that not only do pets make us feel better, but that there is specific human health benefits that flow from human-dog interactions.

“When fingers meet fur, your brain responds, and there is no better motivator than a cold nose and a wagging tail,” said Steven Feldman, executive director of (HABRI) Foundation. “Research shows that your cardiovascular health improves and you are less prone to depression when you exercise with your dog.”

Also, dog owners tend to have better cardiovascular fitness levels than people without pets. According to Harvard Health, only 2.5 hours of exercise is needed to reach the minimum weekly requirement. Research has shown people with dogs get 34 percent more than the average recommended exercise.

In these days of juggling schedules, meetings, children and singlehood, exercising with your dog is also a great time saver! Whether you like to run, walk, or attend a human/canine fitness class (such as K9 Fit Club Class), you can get your own workout at the same time.

And after the exercise is over, then the relaxing and snuggling begins! Dogs love spending time with their humans, snuggling up at the end of the day to just relax and enjoy being near each other. Find a cozy spot around the house you can both enjoy and settle in turn off the cell phone, read a book, watch a show or a movie, as long as you have love and your dog, and, really, aren’t they the same?

This is showing real love in a happy and healthy way.

Life is good and it doesn’t get much better.

PetGuide Contributing Editor Tricia Montgomery founded K9 Fit Club® in 2012. Now serving as the CEO of the organization, Tricia’s diverse experience in veterinary medicine, public relations, animal rescue, personal training, and her own weight loss journey gave her the perfect combination of skills to create a nationwide community of certified trainers – dedicated to the health, fitness, and wellness of dogs and their people.

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